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    That's my lot!


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    Hi Gents

    just seen this thread....

    Brilliant work,  stunning results...


    I wonder... 

    Spasm, did you manage to keep to your plan? Was that the last or....?



    couldnt agree more about the fakers taking advantage of some artists work. I prefer the relics - for price and confidence of authenticity.....


    Left one below had one large hole. Filled then shed loads of paint applied. Paint job tragic. But owner was upfront about his repair and it only cost me 60 odd quid.IMG_2890.thumb.JPG.54c3fc91bb2a5fdbf75ca10bd98b5c26.JPG


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    • 5 months later...

    Tony, thank you and yes they were the last. (even with a cup of cement). Other than the dozen or so I still have stashed away in the garage.

    60 odd quid these days is a fairly good price for one of those and the paint job wouldn't be too bad to sort out. 

    Gotta admit I like the relic look as well so I'm thinking about making some smaller scale ones. 

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