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    Sudan medals?


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    I believe these to be from the Sudan but only because that is what I was told one is long and distinguished service and one is Order of the Revolution 1st one is silver i believe the other? no idea and i do not know what year so I hope someone can fill in a lot of spaces. Thank you to all,Ray  





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    Hello Ray, the medal is Long & Distinguished Service Medal, with Armed Force Ribbon (the same medal exist also with 2 different ribbon, 1 for the Police and one for the Prison Service). Your medal is from the late 1960ies, early 70ies.

    The Order of the Revolution is part of a series of Orders that Sudan had awarded after the 1969 Revolution (and the date 1969 is on reverse).

    Best regards.


    These are the 6 "Revolutionary Orders" I got from Sudan.

    First row, from left to right : Order of the Revolution, Order of the Constitution, Order of Victory

    Second row, from left to right : Order of Production 3rd Class, Order of Persistence, Order of Production 2nd Class

    Only the Order of Production is a multi-class award.

    I have seen very few Order of the Revolution in my life of collecting, especially with ribbon. But there seems to be a slight variation in the colors of the blue stripes (in middle of the edged white stripe).



    AAA Sudan Revolutionnary Orders.jpg

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    The Order of National Unity is also among the so called "Revolutionary Orders"

    Here shown an Order of National Unity made in Sudan, but that Order was also made by Spink (and quality is MUCH better). I have the 2 variation, later I will post them side by side to show difference in feature.




    Sudan Order of National Unity.jpg

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    Heusy68,Thank you for sharing ,as usual, I had no idea there were so many medals given there so thank you for this. Can you give me any idea what these medals are worth? again thank you,Ray

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    Hello Ray, at one of the OMRS Show a few years ago, I got 2 Order of the Revolution for 35 Pounds each.

    The Order of Constitution I bought it from liverpoolmedals long time ago for 75 pounds, and the Order of Victory I also got it for about 75 or 85 Pounds from liverpoolmedals. The ribbon for Order of Victory had costed me more than that in an exchange.......but to collect, requires to do sacrifice.

    The Order of Persistence I got it in an exchange on the basis of 50 Pounds.

    The 2 Orders of Production I got them, one in the UK for 70 Pounds (from Spink), and the other from Germany for 30 €

    The National Unity I got it without ribbon (from a dealer in Hamburg) for 75 €, and much later I got the ribbon from a british source for 3 pounds. But all these ribbon from Sudan are EXTRA Rare. Ribbon for Order of the Republic & Order of 2 Niles are not hard to get, but all others yes.

    The Medal for Long & Distinguished Service, you may find it, between 20 to 60 Pounds. But yours is an old one in real silver (from very late 1960ies, early 70ies).



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