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    Some Examples of Uncertain Decorated Soldiers

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    These German soldiers had been awarded both the German Cross in Gold and the Close Combat Clasp in Gold from 1942 to early 1945. There were Helmut Hellinger,Franz Ingenbrand,Josef Obermeier,Karl Peter Vehlow,Gustav Vormdohre,and Fritz Willno to name and few. My question was what was the fate of them and if they were recommended for the Knight's Cross before WWII ended for them? Or claimed to be awarded the KC? I remember that Josef Obermeier was recommended for the Knight's Cross at least two times. There was no final outcome of there recommendations. I know there were others who were holders of the German Cross in Gold and the Close Combat Clasp in Gold that claimed to be holders of the Knight's Cross but without confirmination. SS-Hauptsturmfuhrer Emil Huber of "Das Reich" Division,was one example. He was the holder of both the German Cross in Gold and the Close Combat in Gold. He truthly claimed that he was also a Knight's Cross holder but without firm proof. I couldn't help being a Knight's Cross fan.


                                                                                                                                                              Edward L. Hsiao

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    If they never received confirmation for the RK, even with the Doenitz Decree, then they can only be classified as non-RKT.

    As for actually being recommended for it, the pointer might be if they received the Ehrenblattspange. Sometimes, not always, a recommendation for the RK was downgraded by higher authority and the Ehrenblattspange given instead. You will need to dig in the BA-MA for the details.

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