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    POW Gren. Rgt. 464 Tracer Round?

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    Picked this set up a few weeks ago to an Unteroffizer of 2./Gren.Rgt.464

    Certs and medals




    His ID tag


    A few photos, one of him at Reserve Hospital I in Warsaw 



    And his record of POW transits and camps


    I also found this in the leather ID holder




    I haven't put a micro whatsit on it but it measures by eye for a 7.92 round. It's been a while but am I correct in saying this is a tracer round? There is what could be remains of a painted tip if you look closely. 

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    Nice group, I don't think the round is anything to do with his injury as it has not been fired (no rifling grooves). Don't know if it is a tracer, it may be a AP with a heavy metal core too?  Maybe he was doing a 'Baldrick' and had the bullet with his name on it? LOL.

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    Jock, yes, could be AP I suppose although it doesn't have a boat tail, just straight. 

    Was it normal for POWs to move around quite so much in the US? 

    Apparently they were transferred to 2./Gren.Rgt.473 within 253 Inf. Div. and surrendered to the Soviets at Mahren. However, some of the Div didn't take to that idea and marched 10 miles to the US lines to hand in their rifles. Hence the tour of the US. 


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    No idea about PW movement but I am sure a lot of logistical and security issues played a part in their movement?

    Don't blame them for tabbing the extra 10 miles and very lucky they weren't turned round and sent back to the Soviets as the Americans did that to a few units I read somewhere.

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