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    Sure, the armbands look embroidered correctly as far as you can see from these pics.

    I really don't like any printed arm bands unless you can have them in the hand to see. 

    The hat with the green piping, I have a nagging feeling it is from a post war Bundes type organisation, I just can't put my finger on it but I will try.

    I don't like the stiching and the general bright finish of the outside of the cap (might just be your pics) versus the wear on the inside, SS BW there are plenty of copies of and does it even fit in this context, not sure but I am sure that someone will chip in at some point.

    Edelweiss and the anchor badge who knows from this pic as both were used post war.

    The SS hat needs more pics and the solid metal SS collar tabs require an expert which I am not, at best some better pics.  What is the reverse of the TK button look like?

    What markings are onthe base of the porcilane?

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    Don't know about the other stuff Jock, I have only purchased the police overseas cap. Thanks for the feedback though. I have bought from this guy on numerous occasions but no one is infallible. SS-BW  made clothing both for SS and also for police, as they came under the control of the SS. Someone else on a headgear page thinks it is an early production from the cockade. 


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