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    Photo of military uniform?

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    Hello Gentleman’s Military Interest Club,

    I wonder if anyone can kindly help me with identifying the uniform worn by the gentleman in the two images I’ve uploaded? The photo negatives were passed to me by a relative as part of my family tree research, but unfortunately he is not sure who the gentleman is, so I am looking for clues via his uniform. The negatives were scanned in back to front, but the shoulder titles appear to start with the letters “QUEEN” (one photo) and end with “NSTERS” (other photo). The cap has a large and hopefully distinctive cross on it. My research online so far has turned up nothing remotely similar. Perhaps it's not even a military uniform?

    I would hazard a guess based on other pictures on the same negative strip that these photos were taken in the 1930s–1950s.

    Any clues to help me solve this puzzle would be gratefully received!

    Thank you.



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    Speedytop, thank you very much indeed for your reply - that certainly seems to fit! And should be of great help in working out who the mystery family member is. Much appreciated.

    Best wishes,


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