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  1. 8a: Ist über Erhaltung von Waffen und Gerat am 2.11.44 belehrt worden Leutnant und Kompanie Fuhrer 8b: 5 Klarscheiben 2 Verbandpäckchen 1 F. Filter 1 Gasplane mit Tasche nicht erhalten: Kappen mit Halter, Entgiftungsm(ittel) 6.11.44 Gasraumprobe: 22.9.44 12 17.9.44 Putzzeuggeld von RM 5,- gezahlt The 3 deleted items > it is always meant gestr(ichen) = deleted: gestr. SanUffz (signature) Uwe
  2. The Golden Fleece in variations 1. Austria, participant medal for a walking event 2. Germany, honor badge of a carnival association Uwe
  3. Hi, I think, that it is a silver grade badge, but it is not a Legion Condor badge. Uwe
  4. Hi Dom, the rank Meister der VP is the forelast of the NCO's. The uniform is dark blue with light grey rank insignia; rarer than the normal VP uniform. Uwe
  5. Hello Dom, He was a Meister, not Mister The centers of the penal system were run by the VoPo District Offices. On 2 of the 4 documents you can see the headline "Deutsche Volkspolizei", on the other "Verwaltung Strafvollzug". On all documents he is, in a different spelling, a "Meister der Volkspolizei": VP.-Mstr., Mstr., Mstr. d.VP., VP. Mstr., VP-Meister. Interesting is, that on the document from 1956 he is Meister without the "VP", and the same officers, in 1955 VP-Rat, signed in 1956 as Rat, without the VP too. KR Uwe
  6. Hi, the "Strafvollzug" (penal institution) was part of the MdI (ministry of the interior). The medal is a MdI medal, not a VoPo medal (armed forces of the MdI, "Strafvollzug" included). A "Meister der Volkspolizei" is a NCO rank (staff sergeant). I don't think, that you can find something about him. His location was Berlin-Mitte. Uwe
  7. Hi dpast32, the "Meister der Volkspolizei" Bruno Urban was a member of the penal system in the DDR police. SV UHA = Strafvollzug Untersuchungshaftanstalt (penal system remand prison) The participation in Marxist-Leninist training (M-L-Schulung) was obligatory for nearly all citizens in the DDR, especially for armed persons. There were always new training courses, over and over again (see the time periods e.g. 1954/55). In such courses he was a teacher or/and an assistent (Gruppenleiter/Assistent). At the end of these periods he had a special training with an certificate for good
  8. Hi Dan, to differentiate male and female awards, you should have a look on the dimensions: male 55mm, female 47mm. Uwe
  9. Hi Bombarder, "... so i guess it was awarded early 1950-ies?" There existed different organizations with there own numbering. And these badges had been awarded for one year or for three years of excellent service. For a correct date you need the associated document. Uwe
  10. This is my highest rank, Generalleutnant Johannes von Busse, commander of the 210. Infanterie-Brigade, later commander of the 111. Infanterie-Division
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