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  1. Hi Deutschritter, "... why did Generalfeldmarschälle sometimes wear the General-Kragenspiegel and sometimes ones like in this picture?" Those Generalfeldmarschälle were also Colonel-in-Chief of a regiment, and they could wear the Marschall collar tabs or the regimental collar tabs. Uwe
  2. Im Prinzip ja! There are several different badges with "Typ 1". They are mostly older than the same badges with the other Types (2 - 5), and yes, they normally have a higher value. For the differences you need the appropiate catalogue from Frank Bartel. Uwe
  3. In his calalogues about DDR (GDR) decorations and medals Frank Bartel classify these nuts as "Typ 1", a srew with a large base and the nut with PRÄWEMA. "Typ 2" is the same screw and the nut without any marking. The time range is from the 50s to the 60s. Uwe
  4. Auf einem Feldflugplatz im Osten (Nordabschnitt) Sept. 1942 Stuka Flugzeugf(uehrer) Oberfeldw(ebel) Gaweldai Rast an einem Steilhang des Grünten Auf dem Brocken Wolowo Russ(ische) Gef(angene) Wolowo Uffz. Stiglmeier Russland 16 Juli 1941 Am Tage meines Geburtstages während des Vormarsches Zum Andenken an ?? Neujahr 1940 Puttlingen Drachenbrunnen in Klagenfurt [two names?] I/19 3 Russland 1941 Luken T34 [KW 1] Reit- und Fahrturnier 13. Mai 1933
  5. This is the first type, awarded 1956 to Manfred Ewald, since 1961 president of the DTSB (Deutscher Turn- und Sportbund) in the DDR: Uwe
  6. Hi Eric, there are apparently no regulations that show how the Komturkreuz, 1st class and 2nd class differ. The document for the 1st class is from June 1927, no picture of the decoration. The preliminary document for the Komturkreuz is from October 1928: "Die Originalurkunde wird später zugestellt." The document is typewritten and the word Komturkreuz is handwritten above the crossed out word Klasse. The original signature and the stamp print are the same as on the 1st class document. The 1st class in original size and the miniature on a chain are definitely without swords.
  7. Hi Tupper, it is the last version 1984 - 1989 of the "Vaterländischer Verdienstorden" (VVO). One bar is for the wear with the decoration, the other is for the wear without the decoration. It was possible and often done, that the decorations have been awarded more than once, e.g. for internationally successful athletes. Uwe
  8. Hi, Besuch beim I. belgischen Korps (GenLt Gierst) Köln, Mai 1957 LtCol McGuire US Raketen-Batl Oktober 1958 Gonsenheim bei Mainz *Earl Mountbatton SHAPE, April 1958 Uwe
  9. Here is an example of the conversion of an ÖSTA sport badge to an DRL sport badge. The first page, his personal data, one of the conditions to be fulfilled, the destroyed ÖSTA document (1935) and last the DRL document glued into the booklet (1940). Uwe
  10. So you say, that a badge, produced by B.B.&Co, is a jewelery piece and had not been awarded, because not produced in Turkey? Uwe
  11. Hi, "... but the truth is that only Turkish stars are truly original and the rest are jewelry equivalents made in different periods." Is this meant for pieces like yours in "Prinzengröße", or is this also meant for all the pieces in the original size? Uwe
  12. Eric, it could be the only one. The decorations and the documents are not mine. Decades ago they had been offered to me, but unfortunalely I did not buy them (at that time to expensive for me). Therefore only b/w copies, not to compare with modern scans. Uwe
  13. Hi, I don't have a problem with Großpapa Uwe
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