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  1. Here is an example of the conversion of an ÖSTA sport badge to an DRL sport badge. The first page, his personal data, one of the conditions to be fulfilled, the destroyed ÖSTA document (1935) and last the DRL document glued into the booklet (1940). Uwe
  2. So you say, that a badge, produced by B.B.&Co, is a jewelery piece and had not been awarded, because not produced in Turkey? Uwe
  3. Hi, "... but the truth is that only Turkish stars are truly original and the rest are jewelry equivalents made in different periods." Is this meant for pieces like yours in "Prinzengröße", or is this also meant for all the pieces in the original size? Uwe
  4. Eric, it could be the only one. The decorations and the documents are not mine. Decades ago they had been offered to me, but unfortunalely I did not buy them (at that time to expensive for me). Therefore only b/w copies, not to compare with modern scans. Uwe
  5. Hi, I don't have a problem with Großpapa Uwe
  6. Hi Eric, there is no problem for me. And I agree that the above mentioned officer (later SA Oberführer) collected post WWI decorations like "Karnevalsorden". The above mentioned "Deutscher Volksorden: Komturkreuz" was the rarest of all his decorations. I never saw another cross. He was a friend of "Prinz AuWi", even after they were both prisoners of war (Internierungslager). Uwe
  7. Hi, the "Ehrenzeichen für Verdienste in der Reservistenarbeit" is, based on the NVA regulation (DV 010/0/005), placed direct behind the "Verdienstmedaille der NVA, der Grenztruppen der DDR und der Zivilverteidigung" and before "andere Verdienstmedaillen der DDR". Only 8 positions later you can find the "Medaillen für treue Dienste der NVA, der Grenztruppen der DDR und der Zivilverteidigung". Uwe
  8. Hi Eric, I have a problem with your comment. The shown cross is a very rare one, and many collectors would be exited, to have such an rarity in their collection. Uwe
  9. I'm sorry, this is not a miniature medal bar, but it is a mini miniature on a brooch. May be allowed here? Uwe
  10. Hi, I'm not Uwe B., but Uwe K., and I can add something. There is a b/w copy of a document in my collection from 1928. Besitzzeugnis Der Vorstand des Deutschen Trainbundes verleiht hiemit dem Leutnant d.Res., Herrn ... ... anläßlich des 75jährigen Bestehens des Trains als Waffe am 21. April 1928 das an diesem Tage gestiftete Trainkreuz. Berlin, den 29. Mai 1928. No xxx Der Vorstand des Deutschen Trainbundes (3 signatures). All that is correct for this cross. He procured all sorts of decorations from 1921 to 1935. Here is the list of his documents for several decor
  11. Hi, they used the word "Kronanwalt", based on the British law, for a "Staatsanwalt". In 1963 Hannover was a kingdom; they lost this "title" after the war from 1866. Please switch in the link to the English version. Uwe
  12. That may be, but I think, that we see here two different badges. Uwe
  13. Österreich (Austria) Heimwehr-Ehrenzeichen 1934 (so called "Starhembergvogel") Uwe
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