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  1. Hi Rossano, Wikipedia: Wambolt von Umstadt (auch Wambold von Umstadt oder Wambold von Umstatt) Uwe
  2. Hi, I read it as Rauch, and it could be von Rauch? Uwe
  3. Hi Owain, you post these very fine decorations and medals in the section "Masonic Medals & Jewels". In my understanding the R.A.O.B. is not masonic. Am I wrong here? "The RAOB organisation aids members, their families, dependents of former members and other charitable organisations." "The Freemasonry strives to enhance himself and the society." Using the same terms and definitions like "lodge" and "brother" does not make a RAOB member to be a Freemason. This is my opinion, and I apologize for my insufficient English. Uwe
  4. Hi, that is a really old carnival decoration. The Honnef-Rhöndorfer Karnevalsgesellschaft (KG) was founded in 1926, and the KG was dissolved in 1929! It could be a decoration in the year 1927 in remembrance of 1 year KG for all the members and good friends. Uwe
  5. Hi Paul, "I’d love to see a confirmed ww1 era piece" That is not possible, because there was no continuation of the tests and also no award in WWI. Carl Diem 1917: "Während des Krieges wurden die Prüfungen des Sportabzeichen nicht fortgesetzt. Ich beantrage, sie nach dem Kriege wieder aufzunehmen ..." > "During the war the tests of the sports badge were not continued. I request that they be resumed after the war ..." Uwe
  6. Yes, I know, a very old thread. But I want to add a better picture of the writing inside the case. Uwe
  7. Hi 1812 Overture, it was established in 1913, awarded in 1913 and 1914, and in 1914 stopped because of the war. Further awards were not made until 1919. The first three years only awards in Bronze and Gold, since 1920 also in Silber (based on the first regulations). Uwe
  8. Hi, Herrn H. Goldbach Berlin (Reinickendorf) Schiller-Promenade 51 Metz, d. 18.8.14 die besten Grüße aus Metz sendet dein Bruder Richard. Bin hier nach 46 1/2 Stunden Fahrt angekommen. Von hier aus geht es weiter. Wohin (unbestimmt) Viele Grüße an Deine Frau und den H. Heinz (?)
  9. Hi, the Schlaraffia order "Orden vom Stern des Hadramauth" (second from the left in my last post) is definitely a very old order of the Schlaraffia Reych "Praga". This is documented in many old books about Schlaraffia. Uwe
  10. Hi, it's long ago, but I want to add some more informations. Rick showed his fantastic 0.900 Gold badge: "I wonder how much the German Olympic Committee would offer me for the ONLY one in the entire world?" But I know now, that there are some more of these Gold badges in gilded 0.900 silver. And because there exist two different versions, I don't think, that they were awarded badges. I have two of these badges with the same stamp 0.900, but with 2 different needle sytems. Please compare left the example from Rick and next the two badges in my collection. Uwe
  11. No, I'm not a Schlaraffe, but I have hundreds of Schlaraffia badges and decorations in my collection, some award documents and 4 Schlaraffen-Pässe inclusive (please see the few examples). Once more: "The collection on the page is protected by a password" Uwe
  12. You can find there 32 badges (e.g. Ahne, Willkomm, Sanction) and decorations (e.g. Hausorden, Verdienstorden) of the disappeared Reych 183 Cracovia. Insert in google.com the two words schlaraffia cracovia, and you will find several hints, some of these badges and a "Hausorden, Komtur" Cracovia. Btw, and that is important for the Schlaraffen: the bird is not an owl (Eule), it is an eagle owl (Uhu). Uwe
  13. Hi, the medal can be found in a special Schlaraffia internet web page about many thousand badges and decorations of the 260 Schlaraffen-Reyche. The page is protected by a password, and I don't have the allowance, to transfer the password. Sorry. By the way, it is the "Verdienstorden 2. Klasse", in silver; the 1. Klasse is in gold. Uwe
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