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    The "Classic" Imperial U-Boat Badge, marked on the reverse "WALTER SCHOTT / fec." Not a maker mark, this refers to the famed artist Walter Schott who designed the badge ( in the same way that artists such as Peekhaus, Bock etc are named on the reverse of some WW2 Kriegsmarine badges).

    The "Walter Schott" badge is actually considered to have been the product of Juncker of Berlin.

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    Guest Rick Research

    The all but universal late 1930s Steinhauer & L?ck thin, firegilt, hollow stamped version.

    With illustration fro their January 1939 50th Jubilee sales catalog.

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    Nice badges. I guess its another one added to the "must acquire" list. I here these are heavily faked. Any pointers for getting a real one, preferably wartime issue would be apprieciated.



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    Hi Don, best bet is to deal with very trusted sellers. The other for-sure original out there that few people know about was made by Juncker. Unmarked, but typical pin/hinge assembly as in their early WW2 Auxiliary Cruiser Badges. Hold one of these puppies in-hand and you'll instantly know.

    One of my serious recommendations to folks is long before you buy something like this, try and visit friends, dealers and shows. handle as many badges as you can. In-person, the real stuff sticks out like a sore thumb as compared to the dodgy pieces.

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