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    3 named Victory medals - need help

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    Charles W Parker (DM2-154135), I think you read the 5 as a 6, entitled to BWM and Victory

    Albert G Davies 204 and 291745 Royal Garrison Artillery, entitled to BWM and Victory

    James Richardson 13-202 E. Yorkshire Regiment and 60346 Northumberland Fusiliers 22d Battalion Tyneside Scottish (some records say 23rd battalion), Served in Egypt and presumably France and Flanders, entitled to 1914-15 Star BWM and Victory, He was a Prisoner of War and Died 24 October 1918 he is Buried in Cologne South Cemetery.

    So the last one makes it not a bad purchase for 40 euros




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    Thanks again Paul.

    Now I will make a display for James. 

    Is there any chance to find out the date of him becoming PoW?

    Would his 1914-15 Star and the war medal also engraved? Is it possible to buy  unnamed medals as filler ?




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    Both his 14-15 Star and War Medal would be officially named.  One can get erased or renamed medals for very little money (although a War medal will cost about 20 euros purely because of the silver it contains).

    It is possible that the Red Cross may have details of him on their site re his status as Prisoner of War. Given the date of death very likely he died of Influenza.



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    You did ok for 40 euros having a POW included.

    I hope these links to the ICRC work:


    and http://grandeguerre.icrc.org/en/List/94789/1872/37641/

    It's PA37641 you need. He was captured unwounded in Armentieres 11/4/18, a look at the war diary will help with any research.

    There will also be a memorial plaque out there somewhere but even though there are no doubt several to men with the same name, it won't make it any easier to find.

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