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    Order of the Red Star, #2733967, Locomotive Machinist, 72nd Separate Armoured Train Battalion

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    Award Card

    Order Booklet B 755481

    1. Last name: Timofeev
    2. Name and patrionymic: Konstantin Klavdievich
    3. Rank: Master Sergeant
    4. Gender: Male
    5. Birthyear: 1916
    6. Birthplace: Leningrad
    7. Party membership: n/a
    8. Education: seventh grade
    9. Nationality: Ukrainian
    10. Time in Red Army: 1942-1945
    11. Place of service at awarding: Locomotive Machinist – 72 Independent Armored Train Battalion
    12. Place of work at present: Leningrad-Baltic Train Depot - Machinist
    13. Home address: Leningrad, (?) Dormitory

    14. Awards:
    Designation Serial Number Awarding Organization

    Red Star 2.733.967 10th Guards Army Armored and Mech Forces dated 24.7.1945

    Verified by Leningrad Military Commissariat Lieutenant Colonel Chervogubov on 15th August, 1947

    Timofeev Award Card 1.JPGTimofeev Award Card 2.JPG


    Award Sheet
    1. Last name, name, and patrionymic: Timofeev, Konstantin Klavdievich
    2. Rank: Master Sergeant
    3. Duty position: Steam Engine Machinist – 72nd Independent Armored Train Battalion
    Recommendation for the Order of the Red Star
    4. Born: 1916
    5. Nationality: Russian
    6. Party membership: n/a
    7. Previous combat: Finnish Campaign 1939-40, Patriotic War Leningrad Front ‘41-‘45
    8. Wounds or shell-shock: n/a
    9. Time in Red Army: since 1942
    10. Inducted by: (?)ninskii Regional Military Commissariat, Leningrad
    11. Previous awards: Defense of Leningrad Medal
    12. Home of record: Sverdlovsk, #12, Ilich St. Bldg. 9 Apt. 205

    Short description of personal combat feat or accomplishment

    Master Sergeant K.K. Timofeev excelled in fighting for the hilltop near “Lasti-Koloniya.” While accomplishing his combat mission as a member of Armored Train #703 he was subjected to intense enemy artillery shelling, resulting in the locomotive being penetrated by shrapnel in four places. As a member of the locomotive crew Master Sergeant Timofeev, sensing the danger, shoved four wooden plugs in the holes, allowing the train to move out from under the artillery shelling. By his actions Master Sergeant Timofeev saved the locomotive and its personnel.

    For displayed resourcefulness and bravery he is deserving of the Order of the Red Star.
    Signed Commander, 72nd Independent Armored Train Battalion, Major Kirillov on 24th June, 1945

    Endorsed Commander Armored and Mechanized Forces, 10th Guards Army, Guards Colonel Koro(?) on 20th July, 1945

    Timofeev Citation 1.JPGTimofeev Citation 2.JPG


    Master Sergeant Konstantin Klavdievich Timofeev's Order of the Red Star, #2733967. . .

    2733967 obverse.jpg2733967 reverse.jpg


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