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    Order of the patriotic war 1st class 1985 issue

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    I am looking for a nice order with document for my Russian collection for a while and i found a nice one for sale. My feeling says the badge (low number) is OK but I'm not sure for the document,please your opinion on this one. Thanks in advance!






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    Thought you might be interested in this. It is from the archive and documents your award. Unfortunately there are two with the same name and year of birth, from the same region, so I have no way of determining which one he is. One was awarded a Bravery Medal, a Rifleman in the 6th Squad of the 288th "Stalingrad" Rifle (Infantry) Regiment, 181st "Stalingrad" Red Banner, Order of Lenin & Suvorov, 2nd Class, Rifle (Infantry) Division, the other was a Wagon Driver in the 930th Independent Battalion, Communication Corps, 48th Rifle (Infantry) Division. The latter, or second one, was initially recommended for a Bravery Medal, but was subsequently downgraded to a Combat Service Medal.

    Shapoval OGPW 1985.jpg

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    Hello Bill,

    Thanks for the info,it's much appreciated :-)

    The seller said that he was a rifleman of Stalingrad,he will send some info along with the medal,can't wait till it arrivés:

    That's what he mailed me:

    the soldier of guard Shapoval Ivan Alekseevich is a shooter of the 288th shooting regiment of Red Army. the soldier Shapoval also is awarded by the medal "For Bravery" for extermination of two fascists during storm of the city of Els (Germany) in February, 1945

    Can everyone have access to such a database?

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    22. Guards private SHAPOVAL IVAN ALEKSEEVICH - rifleman, 6th company.
    Participated in the fighting for town Els /Germany/ in February 1945,
    showed courage and bravery. Rushed the first into enemy position eliminated 2 hitlerites. Twice wounded during the fight.
    Participated in capturing town Breslavl. Repelled bravely enemy counterattacks.
    Born 1910, Ukrainian, not party member. Drafted to RKKA by Onufrievsky RVK, Novgorod Region in 1944.


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    Interesting photo, most of Soviet occupied territory remained virtually unchanged until the 1990's and then came the proliferation of Starbucks and MacDonald's and other global chains. I remember visiting Wartburg in 1990, the hotels still had notices in German and Russian and the bathrooms had all the delights of eastern bloc plumbing


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