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    My first posting on this area I have had this badge for some time but after reading on the topic hear I feel I need some advice whether J1 J2 or J3

    it appears to be nickel  Silver but other than CEJ no other markings .

    I would like to here your thoughts on this badge before posting other items of insignia and awards 







    Other image


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    thank you but obviously very disappointed.

    when we're these produced as this badge obviously has some considerable age and quality?

    is it an immediate post war badge Made of original part's from original die or later?

    i am now concerned about my Air Gunners badge I will post later


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    do you have Any Other images of this older Patten, do you know the time period produced

    i have perused the forum Internet and my books heavily this week and not found any thing like this described as a known copy,

    I have found other CEJ pilot badges with clear casting marks and an inferior look to them in distinct maker marks.

    Is it the maker mark? it is clearly added afterwards not cast in to the eagle as I would expect on a cast copy.

    IMO the eagle is German silver note the colouring on the back of the badge typical of a private purchase badge not a issued Patten.

    The quality is very good overall on the feathering and fretting out of the wing tips the wreath IMO is also silver and has been finished off and polished as is the eagle.

    i am struggling to see this as a fake and this must have fooled many a collector if it is.

    thoughts appreciated does

    anyone else have this Patten of badge in their collection or had one?

    it feels so good in the hand also.

    sadly their is no history to this badge it came from a older collection about 15 years ago in a trade.




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