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    Could someone help me value these badges? (Hungarian)

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    Hello Fred;

    They all appear to be non-military lapel pins. They are colorful and visually appealing.  I don't know what their value is, but someone who collects Hungarian communist militaria may be interested in adding them to their overall collection.

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    These are all Communist era awards with the exception of a post Communist era lapel pin.  The one with the Hungarian crest with the bent cross on the top.  Sorry but I don't have the time to list what each award is but they are all common and inexpensive.  For example, the SZTATHOVISTA (the first picture in your list of pictures) is awarded for exceeding the amount of work one was expected to do in a certain period of time.  It came with a certificate.

    Here is a link to Collect Russia that has some Hungarian awards listed.  It shows one of the awards you have pictured  Excellent Worker (Kivalo Dolgozo) badge, Type 4, with original issue box and miniature badge. Late 1970s - 1980s.




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