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    Help with WW1 British Military Medal

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    As a non-collector of British awards (I stopped collecting them in 1996...) I'm pretty much hopeless when it comes to researching them. Case in point is this Military Medal named to 6850 PTE E. LAKE 25/NORTH'D FUS. From what I've gotten off Ancestry.com, he's entitled to this medal, and the BWM/VM pair (unfortunately the seller didn't have the latter). I'd love to find out what and or how he earned his Military Medal. I tried looking in the London Gazette, but nothing's there about it - or perhaps I missed it. Any help would be MOST appreciated!



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    London Gazette 6/8/18 p. 9244. North Shields man (they are a hard lot there), 25th Battalion was the 2nd Tyneside Irish, so nice medal. They were awarded for the German offensive of March/April 1918




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    I assume that the Gazette refers to a group of awards, as most do, especially for the MM.  I looked up one and the list ran to 40 pages.  OTOH, now that you have a regiment and battalion number and at least a general dating, you can try your luck with the regimental war diaries.  I understand that the NAM Archives has put them on line and this site seems to be the access: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/help-with-your-research/research-guides/british-army-war-diaries-1914-1922/

    I've just done researching 70 Canadians and sadly, the amount of info. on private soldeirs found in most war diaries is minimal.  As an example, they may, at best record that 'Lt Firstname Secondname, Sgt Secondname and three Orther Ranks' were killed on date X'.  Not too surprising, as the diaries were meant to be a general record, but if you're lucky and the Adjutant was a keener, they can include lists of men gazetted for awards and so on.  Worth a look anyway.  Looking is feree but downloads may cost on the NAM site, it says.  Good luck!

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