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    Iraqi High Ranking Ministers with Original Insignia

    Paul R

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    I took some time for myself and took these images.  (The following information provided by Samer Mahroos)

    First photo-  this is Sameer Al-Shaikhly the Minister of interior affairs until 1991 and the before that was the from the early 80s after Khairallah Tulfah's death he was the Mayor of Baghdad.He was forced to resign because of his opinion about the invasion of Kuwait, now lives in Amman, Jordan.

    Second Photo- from the right, Staff Lt. General Pilot Muzahim Sa'ib Al-Hassan, last commander of the Iraqi Air defence, in the middle, Staff General Ibraheem Abdulsattar Al-Tikriti , the last head of Staff the third from the right is not visible

    Written on the back:  left 
    "make mercy the crown of justice 
    and determination instead of hesitation

    and slowing down instead of haste
    and wisdom instead of recklessness
    and the mind to substitute foolishness"
    the rest is unreadable 

    right :
    "Oh God open our hearts and ears and enlighten our path and make us discern the saying of the others whither it's true or false, and let what's in their heart to be back at them"

    Third Photo set(next two):  Mr. Izzet Ibraheem (Al-Douri), one meeting with the Brazilian President.  The inscription on the reverse indicate that this image was presented to the Iraqi President (Saddam).  

    Fourth Photo Set(next two):   Saddam's Half Brother and Watban Altikriti  

    Fifth Photo set(final three):  Pending Information.  Very senior Air Force officers.  



    Iraqi Image 2.jpg

    Iraqi Image.jpg

    Iraqi Image 3.jpg

    Iraqi Image 3a.jpg

    Iraqi Image 4.jpg

    Iraqi Image 4a.jpg

    Iraqi Image 5.jpg

    Iraqi Image 5a.jpg

    Iraqi Image 5b.jpg

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