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    TWM made by Deschler & Sohn


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    Here is a very rare Turkish War medal made by Deschler Munich which was founded in 1831. This medal belongs to a friend of mine. I am sharing the photos with his permission.



    (Deschler & Sohn was founded in 1831 in Munich. Even the famous "Pour le mérite" of the Prussian kings was made here, the Bavarian military service cross and almost all orders of the Second World War. In 1960 the Badge factory moved from Wirthstraße in Munich to the converted old distillery in Feldkirchen.

    Helmut Stillner steered the company's fortunes for 22 years. He joined Deschler & Sohn in the 40s as an employee. In 1975 his then boss, Gustav Kainz, offered him the company. "I could not buy the company back then, first I took over as a tenant and paid high amounts monthly," says Stillner. When the lease expired, he became owner. The company manager, who is living in Kirchseeon at the age of 77, recalls the work of the company, who is now living for 77 years: "Once a representative of the Vatican came and designed awards for us." At the invitation of Deutsche Nickelwerke, Stillner traveled to the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie , Whose guard was equipped with metal fittings from Feldkirchen, just before his adversaries pounced against him. Later, Stillner made contact with businessmen from the GDR at an Inhorgenta trade fair in Munich: "They were keen on foreign exchange and we were able to produce very cheaply in Gablonz, so we were able to achieve large profit margins." This contact ensured the company, unlike some Co-competitors, after the fall of the wall the existence.

    In 1997 Stillner sold the Bavarian traditional company to the Austrian company Pichl in Inzing. But the company's name, Deschler & Sohn, is still being read in Feldkirchen: two employees, Birgit Lehrmann and Monika Kuhn, are taking orders and advising customers in a sales and show room at Sonnenstraße 26.  - https://www.merkur.de/lokales/muenchen-lk/deschler-sohn-ordensschmiede-paepste-koenige-wird-abgerissen-859246.html )   





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