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  1. Hello, They are not Turkish made. They are postwar medals. Regards
  2. Thanks but the pages are gone already. It is always better to share their picture here. They prefer mainly Turkish, Amharic, Italian and Spanish written ones. Here are the fake ones previously sold. Best wishes Demir
  3. Carl Croneiß (born January 9, 1891 in Bad Durkheim , † July 31, 1973 in Nuremberg ) was a German military and Nazi politician. "In the autumn of 1915 Croneiß was assigned to the German military mission in Constantinople . The following years of the war he spent as an aviator of the Ottoman flying force , first as imperial Ottoman captain of the Turkish Aviation Department Chernahevicz, later at the Feldfliegerabteilung 1 Dardanelles. In 1916 he became field flier department 2 Irac, Baghdadand Persia. In 1918 he became commander of the Turkish flying school San Stefano near Constantinople. In 1919 his command in Turkey was lifted. He returned to Germany, where he was dismissed in 1920 in the rank of captain from the army. In the war Croneiß was awarded the Iron Cross of both classes, the Oldenburg Friedrich August Cross of both classes, the Knight's Cross of the Order of Albrecht with swords, the Hessian Medal of Honor , the Austrian Military Cross of Merit III. Class with swords, the Ottoman Imtiaz and Liakat Medals , the Mecidiye Order , the Iron Crescent , the Wound Badge awarded in black and the pilot's badge." https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Croneiß
  4. Maarif Nişanı (Order of Education) 1328 (1910) Given to the people who contributed to science, works of art and education. Middle: Tuğra- Reşad. Under Tugra: Ulum ve Finun ve Sanayi Nefise. Reverse: Darphane-i Amire (Ottoman Mint) Ribbon: white, red, white stripes 1st class 40x60 mm 2nd class 30x38mm 3rd class 25x32 mm
  5. Medal pin repaired and case, as Avşar says 100% fake, made by the late Mr. Cambaz (R.I.P). Paul, a nice good looking BB&Co. would be app. 250-300 US Dollars
  6. Bulgarian Prince Cyrill and his delegation. At the left the Ottoman Chief of Protocol Fuad Saffet Bey.
  7. Torajiro Yamada, a Japanese businessman and sadau teacher who contributed to bilateral trade. He lived in Istanbul between the years 1892-1922.
  8. Turkish pilots and navy pilots. First African origin pilot Cpt.Ahmet (10)
  9. Hello, Tugra of Mehmed V Reşad. Regards. Demir
  10. May be they belong to the Asian Turkish Troops under the Nazi Germany
  12. Hello Albert, The first two books cover all the orders and medals and the last one mentioned in that thread about TWM is giving all the info needed about the Turkish War Medal and Avşar's book is explaining whatever you need to know about two orders, Medjidie abd Osmanie. So to answer your question; yes I think it will be enough. Best wishes Demir
  13. Hi, Here is a photo. It is 175. The star is yellow. Best wishes Demir
  14. An Ukranian awarded TWM: Osip Ivanovich Buchshivan (born June 1, 1890, Verkhovyna, Ivano-Frankivsk region - † December 8, 1937, Leningrad, USSR) - a Ukrainian soldier. A hundred Ukrainian Sich Riflemen, later Commander of the Legion of the USS. Otaman UGA Birth of June 1, 1890 Zhabye, Kosiv district, the Kingdom of Galicia and Volodymyr, Austria-Hungary, Austria-Hungary Death December 8, 1937 (47 years) Leningrad, Russian RFSR, USSR USSR USS membership kokarda.svg USS ZUNR coa.svg UHA Party Communist Party of the Soviet Union Title - OF-2 USR Hauptmann.svg Sotnik (hauptman), Ataman UGA Wars / Battles First World War Awards Medal of Courage (Austro-Hungary) Memorial Cross of 1912-1913 years Iron Cross 1 st class Gallipoli Star Life Born June 1, 1890 in the village of Zhabie, Kosiv district of Galicia, at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Graduate of Kolomyia Gymnasium, student of Lviv Polytechnic. In the Legion, the USS was from August 1914: he was commander of hundreds of USS legions, in 1918 he headed this legion, and from December 1918 - the commander of the East group, the 1st brigade UCS UGA. On May 29, 1915, in Lisovychi, in the Stryj region, he was wounded and he fell into Russian captivity. From Siberia, where he served exile, fled through Persia, fought in Mesopotamia on the side of the states of the central bloc. For bravery, he was awarded the German Iron Cross and the Turkish Crescent. At the end of 1916 he returned to the infantry formation, where he again headed a hundred, in the autumn of 1918 he was elected as the commanding officer of the Legion of the USS. He took an active part in the Ukrainian-Polish war of 1918-1919, commanded (from the beginning of creation) the first USS brigade in the UHA, he was one of the developers of the plan of the Chortkiv oczenziw of 1919. After the transition of the Red Ukrainian Galician Army (CHUGA) in April 1920 on the side of the UPR Army remained in the service of the Red Army. In 1933, together with other Galicians who collaborated with the Bolsheviks, he was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in the VTT and exiled to the Solovetsky islands. Shot in Leningrad on December 8, 1937. From the shooting list of the second Solovetsky stage: Listed Osip Ivanovich, 1890, born in Galicia, Ukrainian, b. a member of the Communist Party of Western Ukraine, an employee. Judicial Troika under the Collegium of the GPU of the USSR on September 23, 1933 was sentenced under Art. 54-10-11 of the Criminal Code of the USSR for 10 years of ITL. Served a sentence in Solovetsky prison. Special troika of the UNKVD LO dated November 25, 1937, sentenced under Art. 58-10-11 of the Criminal Code of the USSR of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to the highest degree of punishment. Shot dead in Leningrad on December 8, 1937 Rehabilitated in 1959. https://uk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Букшований_Осип_Іванович
  15. Posted May 22, 2013 Hi, He was born in 1901 and participated the Turkish Independence War when he was still at the Military High School. He went to Kabul in 1940 to the Afghan Military Academy as teacher for 4 years. He was the commander of the 241 th Infantry Regiment in Korea from 1951 until he died from shrapnel wound on June,5 1952 Turkey did not participated WWII. Regards Demir
  16. Hi, Nice to hear from you. It was a great meeting. These are Col. Nuri Pamir's medals from the Military Museum in Istanbul. I will try to find out about the Ulchi Medal. Best wishes. Demir
  17. A new book by AVŞAR IBAR: OTTOMAN EMPIRE’S ORDER OF THE MEDJIDIE AND ORDER OF THE OSMANIE There is a new writer in the Group. Our member AVŞAR IBAR (A well known expert on these two Orders) has written, in Turkish and English, a book on the Medjidie and Osmanie Orders, and very recently published and on sale. It is a 208 pages, hard cover book with glossy paper, 17 x 24.5 cm and only 300 pieces (numbered). I received the book today and immediately read and loved it. Although there were several books published before about the Ottoman Turkish Medals and Orders, this is a book that covers only Medjidie and Osmanie Orders. Perfect explanations and history of both Orders. He gave pictured examples of 5 classes of Medjidie and 4 classes of Osmanie breast stars and orders. There are also pictures of the boxes and a section for the fakes. Also most importantly there are the samples of foreign made Orders by French, German and Austrian makers, even an Italian maker. The book itself is a collector item, since it is only 300 pieces. I strongly recommend the book to our fellow collectors. Thank you very much Avşar for writing such a book, a big contribution to our community and explaining all the facts about the two Orders. Demir Erman Avşar Ibar: info@avsaribar.com http://www.avsaribar.com/content/default.asp
  18. Hello, I can only confirm the Turkish awards which I mentioned, since I don't know red cross awards but in one of the essays about her I found out that she received the Florence Nightingale Medal. More info: The first Turkish Nurse by TAHA TOROS : http://earsiv.sehir.edu.tr:8080/xmlui/bitstream/handle/11498/43714/001641145010.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y
  19. Safiye Hüseyin Elbi (1881 - 1964) Her father Ahmet Pasha was the Navy Atache in London and her mother was Josephine Wilward daughter of Hammond Wilward. Her grandfather was the captain of the ship who took Florence Nightingale to Crimea during the War. She married Navy Lt. Colonel Hüseyin Elbi. Died in Istanbul in 1964. She was voluntery nurse during the Balkan wars and Gallipoli. She was awarded with the Order of Şefkat (The Order of Charity)(on her neck), War Medal (Right) and Red Crescent Medal and German Red Cross Medals (left breast). http://midwifery.health.ankara.edu.tr/wp-content/ https://twitter.com/OttomanArchive/status/975418073393057792/sites/166/2015/08/SAFİYE-HÜSEYİN-ELBİ.pdf Demir
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