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  1. Turkish order and medal ribbons prepared by me. Demir
  2. 1. How to recognize original UN Korean War Medal 2. LANGUAGE in the UN KOREAN WAR MEDALS 3. Second Version of the UN KOREA WAR MEDALS (small and big letters) and 3. UN Medals awarded for the KOREAN WAR and my collection
  3. Glad I could help, best wishes
  4. Yâverân-ı Hazret-i Şehr-yârî : Honorary Aide-de-camp to His Majesty The Sultan
  5. I am glad that it helped. Mehmed Reşad’s pseudonym was “Reşad” until the Galipoli war. Then changed to “el Gazi” (blue background pisture) in 1914 after winning the Gallipoli (Chanakkale) War. Best wishes Demir PS: for others : https://www.islamiokul.com/2455-2/
  6. it.wikipedia.org Tughra (click on the picture)
  7. Hello, It looks like the Turkish War Medal. You also mentioned it in your medal list (last award). Best wishes
  8. I totally agree with you. Arms on the right is different than the one on the left . There must be a similer space between the arms on the right. So not Osmanie or Medjidie.
  9. No 3 looks like The Ottoman Order Of Talent awarded for “talent, science and skill”, or Life Saving Medal. Best wishes
  10. Hi, From top: 1. I think on the ribbon bar from left 3. Gold Imtiyaz 4. Gold Liyakat 5. Silver İmtiyaz 6. Silver Liyakat. IMHO Rest not Turkish. 2. 1 st, 2 nd or 3rd class Mecidi order, Most probably 3rd Class. Otherwise there should have been a breast star for 1 and 2. 3. He has the War Medal and might be Gold Liyakat? and Silver Imtiyaz with swords 4. Silver İmtiyaz with Swords 5. same as 3
  11. Hello, 1 star: Brigade 2 star: Division 3 star: corps 4 star : Army 1st row top from left: 1 Airforce Training Headquarters 2. Gelibolu Second Corps 3. Army Language School 4. 3rd Corps 5. Army Military School 6. East Corps 7. Ministry of Defence 2 nd row from left 1. 15th Corps 2. 15th Corps 3. 5th Corps 4. Army Military School 5. 1st Tactical Airforce 6. Joint Chiefs Of Staff HQ 7. General HQ of Maps 3 rd row from left 1. Army Miltary School 2. Navy Training HQ ( anchor missing) 3. Military Faculty and High Schools HQ 4. 3rd Corps 5. Army HQ 6. Division 7. Gendarmerie HQ Best wishes Demir
  12. If you like it no problem, but not a real one. Best wishes
  13. IMHO The Red Crescent Medal looks like a silver one. Best wishes
  14. Not according to the regulation. He likes it this way. Demir
  15. He has Breast Star of the 2nd Degree Osmani and Mecidi Orders with Swords. He also wears the Turkish War Medal. We can also see the 2nd Degree Mecidi Order with Swords and also 2nd Degree Order of Osmani with Swords (blurred- toward his left shoulder) on his neck. Regards Demir
  16. Thanks, this is an important information and photo of the Admiral.
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