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    Order of Klement Gottwald-for building of socialist motherland

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    I think the order deserves to have the topic with some more iformation and photos.

    The order was established 3.2.1953 as the highest award for exeptional work for the country.Its first name was Order of  building of the socialist motherland.8.2.1955 it was chcanged into Order of Klement Gottwald-for building of the socialist motherland.It was always made in gold.The title of gold and weihgt changed.I took some information from site vyznamenani.net to show varieties of order in title of gold and weight.

    1.number 17 1955-60  title 986,weight 77,5gr.

    2.number          62   1960-89   t.585  w.69,6

    3.number 86             1960-89  585      72,8

    4.           92                             585       62,9

    5.          105                           585        65,9

    6.          165                          585        73,8 it is mine

    It is popular among the collectors of Czechoslowak awards,for good investment of money.I will add the photos of the order from my collection.,numerred 165.








    Next photos -the dimension of etue 18cm X13,5cm and the tilte of briliant.



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