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    Czechoslovakia-Medal of Jan Žižka from Trocnov

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    Medaile Jana Žižky z Trocnova

    Ribbon: Red with black edge stripes.


    Instituted: 21 October 1918

    Awarded: For brave or meritorious acts during WW1.Only 23 were awarded.I do not know why the name of General M.R.štefánik is absent among them in all lists.They say-22 awarded persons.

    Weight with the ribbon of the 3rd grade-32,2gr.Width of the ribbon 2,9cm.Dimension of the medal 3,5cm.The medal is 100% original,taken from the family of the awarded person.The bad thing is,the medail is without a certificate.In the past times there was no fashion to collect awards with certificates.In the past times there was no period and reason to prove originality.Material?I did not cut my medal to find out from material the medal is made from.I read somewhere-it is copper layed with some silver.

    žířka 011.JPG

    žířka 009.JPG

    žířka 006.JPG

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