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    Authentic? WW2 French Ribbon Bar


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    I bought this bar solely for the Syria ribbon, however, I have questions about its authenticity. The recipient received the Royal Order of Cambodia, but there is no other indication as to whether or not the recipient served in Indochina. Shouldn't there be an "Extreme Orient" clasp on the Commemorative medal or Colonial Medal with the clasp if the recipient served in that theater? Or is it possible that they never put the clasp on?

    All thoughts welcome!



    unnamed (5).jpg


    Oh, and I'm unsure of the order of precedence in the French military, is the order correct?


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    The object's construction [sewing/backing/overall form] and apparent age strongly suggests that it is genuine.  Ribbons appear to be in accurate rank order.  'Colonial Order' award placement not always according to regular protocol and specific protocols changed over the years in any case.  Many French ribbon group assemblies simply do not include miniature engagement/geographic region bars, even today.  

    The Royal Order of Cambodia ribbon color reveals this award to have been made under French aegis.   It could be granted [after 1932 or '33?] for service related to Cambodia or Indochina but not performed in those physical locations.  The blue/red ribbon represents the medal for volunteer service in Free French civil or military forces (French: Médaille commémorative des services volontaires dans la France libre), recognizing service in those forces before mid-1943.   This seems consistent with the first ribbon, a  WW II Resistance Medal, and the WW II Victory Medal [also without miniature engagement/geographic region bars].   

    In sum then, this looks like a coherent and original ribbon group.   

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