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    Oman Gallantry Medals

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    The Sultan’s Distinguished Service Medal (Midal Khidmat al-Mumtaza us-Sultaniya) was instituted by Sultan Said bin Taimur in 1967. Awarded for distinguished service or devotion to duty over a long period, and for conspicuous acts of gallantry at risk of life, but not in the face of the enemy.


    At AKOOT on 27th April 1972, during a four-hour-long battle at close quarters in which an officer and three men were wounded, Sergeant Roy showed exceptional courage and devotion to duty by evacuating the injured.

    To do this he had to leave his car, whilst under considerable enemy fire, and lift them onto the engine decks before he drove them to safety.

    Not satisfied with this Sergeant Roy, realising that the machine guns were very short of ammunition, returned with several boxes of Browning and GPMG ammunition on his armoured car.

    Enemy fire was still such that in order to deliver the ammunition, he had to again leave the safety of his car and crawl forward to the machine gun positions with the ammunition on his back. He did this on three occasions.

    It was largely due to Sergeant Roy’s prompt and brave action that our own troops were able to continue firing and withdraw at last light without further casualties.


    Very proud this evening. 

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    Many thanks 

    Out of interst. 

    Was the DSM the highest award for junior officers and soldiers for gallantry? 

    The criteria states risk of life but not in the face of the enemy but Roy was clearly facing an enemy. I wonder if that was why he received the ring, if that was the highest award available then the ring was a gift for going above and beyond. 

    The citation is great and proves his bravery but there is no record anywhere of the ring. 



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    From my research the Omani awards system dos not differentiate between Offices & Other ranks for gallantry medals.

    The highest award is the Gallantry Medal (less than 20 awarded),  then the Bravery Medal then the Distinguished Service Medal. The latter can be made for:

    • Distinguished service over a prolonged period.
    • An act of outstanding gallantry at risk of life but not in the face of the enemy.

    In the latter instance the khunjar emblem is added.

    To my mind your uncle was in the face of the enemy but he was evacuating injured rather than individual combat so perhaps this was a distinction applied in assessing the award. However what is important is that you have the citation and it clearly demonstrates the valour of you uncle.


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    Gallantry and bravery medals look nice and he could probably have received either of those for his actions.

    I'm sure he was happy to receive the DSM for doing his job. He was always proud of it but never said much about it. 



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