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    Legion Of Merit- Chief Commander Star.


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      I have add this LOM - Chief Commander in my collection.
      After my research, I belive is made in the 60s to the 70s by IRA Green.
      Please, correct me if I am wrong.
      Because the LOM star look worn,I would like to know who may have borne it.
      Can anyone tell me how many have been awarded and if a holder list exist for the period 60s-70s.
      Every comment is welcome.
      Regards, Jannis.

    LOM - Chief Commander (2).jpg

    LOM - Chief Commander (1).jpg

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I do not know, I have bought this last week from Germany, is always on the way to me.
    If I have received it,will looking if has any makers marks or symbols.
    Is was really a beautiful award.
    It would be really interesting to know how many or who is likely to wear it.
    Thanks again.

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    Hi Jannis, here's my LOM I have in my collection. Its the Legionnaire version I believe. Has split loop suspender brooch and a makers mark for Williams & Anderson. A diamond with a zig zag or lightning bolt?

    I would date this a post war, possibly 1950's to early sixties?




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    Very nice LOM and I think is rare,I have never seen one with this maker mark.
    I have received my LOM today,in natura is an impressive piece.
    The overall width is 2 15⁄16 inches (75 mm) and has an weight of 93.4 gramms  
    Has unfortunately not any maker marks.
    Regards, Jannis.




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