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    Hello, Im researching a ribbon bar I have and need help with some translations on a document. I am using google translate and others to help with the documents but I cant read the writing on this one. I circled what I need help with. Any help is appreciated 


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    Hi John,

    Familienverhältnis  family relationship married since 30.03.1929

    Vorbildung   educational background  High school graduation

    Bürgerlicher Beruf  Bourgeois professional tradesman

    Kriegstruppenteil Military unit at war aviator troops

    Auszeichnung vor dem Krieg Medals before the war aviator observer badge

    Auszeichnungen im Kriege Medals during the war EKII,EKI,Württemberg Militärverdienstorden,

    Württemberg Friedrichsorden Ritterkreuz  Friedrichsorden mit Schwertern,

    Bayern Militärverdienstorden 4. Klasse mit Schwertern

    the last one ? Sa. MVE Kr

    Besondere Kommandos Special commands war academy

    Letzter Truppenteil last Unit Kdr. Armee Flieger Abteilung 12 = Commander Army Flying detachment 12

    Verabschiedet am adopted? on 31.1.1920

    The document group was sold 2016  https://lot-tissimo.com/de/i/10859134   

    Kind regards

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