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    Pictures of my family member in Russia

    Paul C

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    My grandfather came to America in about 1912. I have a few pictures of my Great-Uncle and (I know this will get confusing) my father's cousin. The first picture is my great-uncle circa 1912 (?). Can anyone ID the uniform or boards? The second picture is my father's cousin. I believe is was a Soviet pilot with the rank of Captain. I do not know the date of the picture. Any help is appreciated.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Very interesting all leather Tsarist one-- looks like a "K 3" on his strap? I'd say he was a private in motor transportation-- due to the open front ends of cars back then, military chauffeurs were often dressed in full leather like this in the German army, so probably the save for the Russians.

    Try reposting THAT one in the Imperial Russian section.

    Your Commie cousin was indeed a pilot, though the image was printed in reverse. THIS is what it should look like:


    That is the M1949 "zoot suit" service tunic (being worn with full medals) worn until 1955. Same tab =


    He is a 2nd Lieutenant-- one stripe up the boards and 2 stars side by side down near the shoulder seams. That is the M1949 pilot wings, and his medals are reflecting and with the ribbons covered up, but the last two are probably Victory Over Germany (or Japan) and definitely the top one is the 1948 Armed Forces Jubilee Medal since I can see enough of the ribbon to ID that.

    First one is tougher-- it looks a bit BIGGER, so MAY be the Valor Medal, but could also be the angle of reflected shine and a Military Merit Medal or a campaign medal.

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    Thanks Rick. What I find very intersting is that my cousin (actually my father's cousin) was a Russian fighter pilot. My Uncle in the USA was a Bombadiar on B-17. If there ever was a war in the late 40's or 50's. they might have met over the skys of the USSR!!

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