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    I just seeing if anyone can help with how to find entries on the Gazette for Imperial Service Medals. I have 6 ISM i am trying to find entries too but just can't seem to get my way around how to find them


    kind regards in advance



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    I don't use the Gazette often but have had very mixed results including, I'm fairly sure, having done identical searches more than once and gotten different results - the classic definition of insanity!  Not the best search engine out there!

    Try last name and initials, last name only, and so on, after checking to be sure how the ISM citations are typically recorded.  I would assume last name, followed by first name or initials, but check that.  And good luck

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    The basic format for LG ISM. Entries is

    surname, christian name(s). E.g. Smith, Donald James

    i normally find that if an attempt on the full names fails reduce one; if they are relatively unusual christian names just use those.

    restrict the period of search to the obverse of the medal e.g gv star 1910-1921' gv rpound 1921-1937 etc.


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