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    Tank masks on eBay....??

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    Hi Gents






    penny for your thoughts on these please...


    Does anyone know if these are genuine or not ? I've watched  few sellers on eBay. One guy sold 3 of these in six months. !

    the last screen shot is just now...Considerable price diff at present- are people cottoning on??

    so I'm curious are they that common?

    Surely not.....



    ((( For the record- I'm not accusing anyone.

    i do use eBay but I hate some on there who blatantly mislead and profit without consequence.

    not saying this is the case)))

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    Sorry I can't help with the authenticity but is it one of the sellers who usually has a supply of cruiser helmets, 1917 dated imperial German flags and WWI and WWII dated Commonwealth flags, some with an upside down union flag in the corner?

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    The tanker masks are now being made by several companies - an educational group I work with just bought one for our displays.  That might explain the variety, as I don't think most of the repros are being made as exact copies, either deliberately different to distinguish them from the originals or because the makers, and buyers like us, just don't care enouygh to get them exact.  

    I have now expertise on telling good from bad but would guess that most offered for sale are NOT original. :(


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    • 1 year later...

    Hi gents

    ive just been reading a post called ‘fakes’ about Allied AVM.

    Ebay was mentioned more than once.

    it reminded me of a seller who has sold literally hundreds of ‘flachettes’.... when I searched I found him - flachettes for sale currently of course and guess what else...

    Another tank mask......




    For the record...

    I’ve no idea if I’m right or wrong and I’ve not reported this fella.


    but for sure....

    Ebay likes:

    offshore tax

    quoting ‘buyer beware’

    ignoring reports of fraud






    prices are getting lower as more people realise.... 



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    Those ebay tank masks are as fake as ffff.....ake can be and a lot of people are being badly stung. Several real ones just went through Bosleys and C&T Auctions and didn't make as much as some of the fakes! The flood of fakes is devaluing real ones as most buyers don't seem able to tell the difference. There's what I'm pretty sure is a real one coming up in Woolley and Wallis on 21st November if anybody's interested.

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