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    Czechoslovakia-Order of the Red Star

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    Instituted: 8.2.1955.

    Awarded: For outstanding merit in the defense of the country, enhancement of defense capability etc. or for good service in the army or police.Awarded about 6000? decorations.Probably a little more.Many orders were awarded in 1969,when President General Ludvik Svoboda decorated the deserved fighters against the fascism.

    The dimension of the enameled star is 45 mm,the silver circle in the middle has a diameter 12 mm.

    We recognise two versions of the order.

    Type 1,1955-1960.Here it is with a certificate,number 581.In the circle in the reverse we can read-Za socialistickou vlast-For the Socialist Country.



    • Type 2 ,1961-1990.

    In the obverse we can see the new sign,in the reverse the initials ČSSR-Československá socialistická republika.




    Personally I like this order ,though having enamels on both sides we can find a lot of orders with the damages of them.The order is made from silver,900 purity of silver.The marks are in the suspension.

    All orders in the topic are from my collection.Very rare are orders with a big certificate.



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    Order of Red Star bestowed on Milan Ježko Participant of GOR 7.11.1917.He was also a Czechoslovak Krasnoarmeiec-a Soldier of Red Army.I  created a similar topic about Vincent Toth,who also took part in Civil War in Russia as a Czechoslovak Krasnoameiec



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