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    Help with Prussian regimental markings


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    Greetings GMIC Members,

    I have recently acquired a Civil War imported musket, dated 1828, with the regimental markings of KFG.R on the buttplate and am having no luck whatsoever searching the internet for the meaning of the abbreviation. Upon reading about a similar mystery on the firearmsforum, a member had recommended posting the topic here, as it seems a great wealth of knowledge is retained by this site's members. I apologize if this thread is placed into the wrong area on this forum, and will gladly accept further recommendations, and will certainly be grateful of any light shed on this particular abbreviation. Many thanks in advance, Adam

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    If your musket is dated 1828 probably is a prussian 1809 musket converted from flint to percussion in 1828 .the letters KFG R could mean Kaiser Franz Grenadier Regiment , the name between 1814 and 1820 of the then Kaiser Franz Garde Grenadier Regiment Number 2

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