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    Need some help regading a SA medal bar

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    need some help regarding the ID or any other info regarding the original owner of this medal bar, if possible.

    The medal bar is not mine, it belongs to a collegue on a French forum.

    Thanks for any input.



    van Leeve medals.jpg

    van Leeve medalsss.jpg

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    All I can tell you offhand is that the C prefix to the service number means that the man was "Coloured", which in South Africa's racial classification means he was of mixed race.

    His service papers will be in the military archives in Pretoria.  Some of these archives are inaccessible at present.  GMIC member 'Aud' (Audrey Portman of Rhino Research)  should be able to help.


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    A nice group indeed! 

    I believe the C prefix stands for Cape Corps and as Brett said, this meant that Mr Van Leeve was a coloured man.

    He was taken prisoner in North Africa and held in Italy at camp 65 Gravina near Bari, and at Stalag 4C at Wistitz in Czech Republic and at Stalag 4D at Torgau, Saxony.

    He would have been liberated by the Russians in April/May 1945.

    Hope this helps,


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