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    Czechoslovakia-Decorations of People's Militia

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    Decoration for Merit - 10 Years of People's Militia

    It was instituted by the decision of the Presidium of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia 14.5.1957 and included among the state awards  20.5.1959

    It had two grades.

    The 1st grade was given to the members of the PM for their extraordinary activity in forming of the units of the PM,or showing of the the extraordinary heroism and selfsacrifice,or they were wounded during the service.It was also  given In memoriam.

    The first grade in the picture left-description.In the middle of the star is the title in Czech-for Merit -10years of Peoples Militia.Dimension 4,5cm,the miniature of the first grade 1x3cm.It has a star in gold.It is the only one difference between these miniatures,when we want to differ them separately.The both awards were  made from bronze,in etue 7,5cmX9,7cm.

    The 2nd grade,in the picture right  was bestowed to the members of the PM for their exemplary activity in the units of the PM.Dimension 4,5cm.The miniature has a red small star.The awards were screwing.I am sorry,I cannot show the certificate of the 1st grade.Simply about 30years ago I did not take it with the award in the family.There was no fashion to collect awards with the certificates.

    To be continued...

    Snímek 001.jpg

    Snímek 002.jpg



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    Honour Badge-Exemplary Shooter

    It is made from bronze. There were two versions of the badge.With a horizontal pin and a vertical one.The first types were numbered.I saw about 10 badges with tiny differences in colours.Dimension of the bagde-5,8cmX4,5cm.I have not ever seen the certificate to the bagde,so I suppose it could be awarded in late 50-ies and early 60-ies.

    Snímek 013.jpg

    Snímek 004.jpg

    Honour Badge of Peoples Militia

    It was made from bronze.Red enameled,screwed.Dimension -5,5cm.In the middle of the star is face a a worker in barret.I also add the award booklet.

    Snímek 012.jpg



    Snímek 010.jpg

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    Decoration for Merit to People's Militia

    It was instituted 18.12.1969.There were two grades of the decoration.

    The 1st grade was given for extraordinary merit in the building of the PM,for exceptional success in their activity.The medal of the 1st grade was from white metal,diameter 33mm.The stripe in the middle of the ribbon is of the grey colour.In the obverse we can see the design of Czechoslovakia on the 5-point star.In the reverse is  the automatic rifle Kalašnikov and the title For Merit to Peples Militia.The medal is connected with the ribbon with the camber with the letters in it-LM.That means Lidové milicie.

    The 2nd grade was bestowed for activity,for filling up all tasks in the building of the PM.The medal for the 2nd grade was from bronze,the stripe in the middle of the ribbon was yellow.The content of the medal is the same like in the 1st grade.For the 1st grade was used the red etue for the 2nd grade the blue one.

    Snímek 006.jpg

    Snímek 014.jpg

    Snímek 008.jpg

    Snímek 009.jpg

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    Among other decorations of the Peoples Militia we can rank e.g.Bagde Exemplary Member of Peoples Militia ,or the bagde with the target,but I do not know  the exact name of the bagde.Shooter,The Best Shooter,...?

    I do not have these badges in in my collection so I stole the pictures from the internet.




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