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    1st Royal Scots Officer collar badge questions

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    Hi all -- I am looking for a pair of bronze collar badges to restore to a battledress (1950s era) that was worn by an officer of the Royal Scots.  I am having great difficulty identifying the proper badge worn.  I have this page printed from an unknown source that I received years ago with a purchase.  You can see here that the badges look like those that I am finding for the Scots Guards (and the first-third rows on the image from 'the saleroom').  I find a lot of another type of badge for the 1st RS with the thistle, some holly leaves it looks like, and Royal Scots on a scroll beneath (see fourth-sixth rows).

    Which is the correct badge??  I know they must be the bronze service dress style, but which of the two should I be seeking?

    Here is the uniform I have.  The pocket buttons are regimental and beneath the tartan is a ghost of the Lowland Brigade (or 52d Division).




    And the reference page that had be chasing what I think is the insignia for Scots Guards.  Sorry for the poor quality, I snapped it quickly in low light this morning.



    And last, the image from the saleroom auction site that shows both types together.


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    Ah, thank you, Jerry!  That makes sense now that both would show up frequently in searches.  

    Now, post-1958 I understand that all regiments of the Lowland Brigade adopted the same cap badge, correct?  So, Sommerville would have had this battledress with the officer's type bronze collar badges and worn a bonnet with RS tartan and the Lowland Brigade badge rather than the RS badge?

    Thank you!


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