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    Actual scketching of a Mareșal tank destroyer?

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    Yeah, the romanians intended to create a tank destroyers similar to the german Hertzer in 1944, and it could even get on the frontline unless the events of august  same year. Originally, it was intended to have a 122mm howitzer, then switched to a 76mm anti-tank canon, and finally back to a 122mm one.But I knew that all of the 10 prototypes built and all the plans for this tank have been confiscated by the soviet occupants and sent in Russia (nobody knows even now what happened to them). But is this at least a replica of an original plan of this tank destroyer ?


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    They were based on Soviet T 60 captured chassis ,only seven prototypes were built not all equal . the differed in armament ,122 mm or 75 mm gun , motor , soviet or french (hotchkiss ) and eve chassis . one or two were on czech tanks . the Romanians planned to build 1000 , all the prototypes were confiscated by the soviets .In fact the Russians only allowed the now allied Romanian Army to mantain the most weared or obsolete AFV s 

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