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    WW1 or pre-war uniform?

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    Now, with the possibility fir this guy to be a Honved corporal, I want to kniw if I can confirm that. If not, is there any other possibility? At least, it has the 4 stars ranking the Austro-Hungarian corporals... More than that, I found an image with many types of infantry soldiers, one of them possibly wearing my uniform.4951a87131675e00ba8d25998a5795d7--austro-hungarian--.jpg.f0173bfc53158235f8b84682170b8d75.jpg

    This one is after 1908, because of its colour, much brighter than mine.IMG_20171004_145606.thumb.jpg.42079d40ac9c3c91fe163dfd88a7e3b4.jpgAnd this is mine... Transylvanian conscript, year unknown, possibly a Honved corporal during or even before the war...



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    Morar Andrei : The man in the first picture Is a Honved Korporal ( Tizedes ) his uniform is pre 1909 , it not looks as the Hechtgrau . The Hungarian trousers were used by the Honved and the Hungarian regiments of the Imperial and Royal Army . but the knot over the trousers were different . dark red for the Honved and yellow with black for the others .

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    I think that I was talking about the wrong picture. My intention was to find in fact about the second one, first one being just a comparison. The dark uniform is possible to be a Honved? I'm not 100℅ about his unit, but I think it was Royal Hungarian Infantry Regiment Nr. 23, 3rd battalion. Last two images of my content contain a very similar uniform to the second image. Any other pieces of information? Thank you anyways!

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