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    Auxillary Cruiser Award Question

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    Interesting question ;)

    I too have often wondered this.

    I guessed that it was partly mythological, and part based on the auxilliary cruisers whole raison d-etre. The Vikings used multi-purpose boats, they would use it for fishing and trade as much as exploration and transport, policing their waters and expansion by conquest.

    I guess the idea of the auxiliary cruiser and its purpose maybe was what inspired this design in the mind of the designer?

    I must admit I don't really collect navy interest material but I have always liked this badge. If I had to have one naval badge I would have a minty Schwerin Auxiliary Cruisers badge. Hey, if we're going for the whole fantasy collection thing make it "with diamonds". :beer:

    Fab design :)


    Matt Gibbs

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    I think it relates to the Vikings as "Raiders" which they often were, (as opposed to Armies which would permanently occupy) being analogous to the Auxiliary Cruisers serving effectively as Commerce Raiders which would "hit and run".

    Good choice and one which would look better than the real thing ( i.e. the Destroyer badge shows a Destroyer, E-Boat badge an E-Boat etc - effectively to be truly realistic the Aux Cruiser badge would show a Merchant ship as all Aux Cruisers were converted merchantmen.)

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    Many thanks for the replies. I had assumed that it was something to do with Vikings tendency for raiding places and the association with what the auxillary cruisers were up to.

    Matt, I agree these are a really nice award, especially the early ones. Sadly I have yet to add one to my collection, although I have just aquired a nice early 57 version, (see this thread : http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=7178 )

    Thanks to you both for the information.

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