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    WW1 advice needed

    Morar Andrei

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    I have an idea for a new Turn Based Strategy game for mobioe platforms, different to the ones already existent. Here's the basic idea: on the one hand, it's the campaign mode. Here I have the following ideas:
     - Western Front (1914-1918), with playable countries Germany, Belgium, France, England
     -The East Front (1914-1923) with playable countries Germany, Austria-Hungary, Serbia, Romania, the Tsarist Russian Empire and the Bolshevik Revolution 
    -the Italian front (1915-1918), Italy, Austria-Hungary and Germany 
    - Balkan Front (1914-1918), with Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Otoman Impact, England, France 
    None of the levels will have a limited number of turns for realism, or maybe 40-50, but if you get over that number, the enemy may have a little advantage.  
    There is also a "Headquarters" section, where you can upgrade units (I'm not sure if I want to add generals to buy them with ingame currency, considering them a bit OP in the EasyTech games, but I can change my mind). Upgrades work as follows: instead of upgrading a single unit by improving its stats, you can unlock new units (new types of infantry, more advanced, modern combat equipment, new planes, etc.). You start with 1914 level technology and get to the 1918 type (I'll explain later how the tech tree will work). 
    There will also be a Conquest mode in several ways. There will be: the western front 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918 and 1923, same years for the eastern front (or perhaps a huge map of Europe, very accurate with many towns, correct borders between countries and natural enviorenents that can give a buff or nerf to certain unuts, for these years). All countries in Europe are playable. The prize will be medals or research points. No number of turns  decided yet, but it could be somewhere between 300-400 (the purpose would be, as it was in the real war, to win as fast as possible, but not having the pressure of doing that on a certain number of turns). The two major factions would be the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary) and Antanta (England, France and England), but the neutral countries can also create their own factions. The rest of the countries can choose which one  they join or they can stay neutral.
    Follows the tech tree:
    - From infantry you can search: infantry 1914 / basic (old-style), infantry 1916 (new model), assault infantry (1917), SMG infantry (1918)
     - armored vehicles: armored cars (basic), tanks (1916), light tanks (1917), advanced tanks (1918) 
    - aviation: early planes (base), fighters (1915), bombers and  triplanes (1916), fighters 1918
    - artillery: (1880-1890) field artillery, (1914) field artillery, (1914) siege howitzer, howitzer (1915), field artillery (1916), rail artillery (1916), heavy howitzer (1917), siege howitzer (1917), field artillery (1918), rail artillery (1918)
    Back to the Conquest Mode:
    In Conquest 1914, you can recruit infantry 1914 (old), armored cars (1914), early planes (1914), machineguns, cavalry (dragoons and lancets), infantry (1914 including chaseurs / jägers), field artillery (old model), siege howitzer (old model), and a few other things I'll decide to add
    In Conquest 1915, you can recruit same as previous, but there are added fighters (1915), howitzer (1915)
    Conquest 1916 brings more same as before, but a bit more stuff: field artillery (1916), rail artillery (1916),  infantry 1916 (new models, represented by a different unit skin), tanks (1916), bombers, triplanes (1916)
    New elements for Conquest 1917: heavy  howitzer (1917), siege howitzer (1917), light tanks (1917), assault infantry (1917)
    In Conquest 1918 and 1923 you have same things fromm previous years, but with new elements: rail and field artillery (1918), SMG infantry (1918), advanced tanks (1918), fighters 1918
    *Note: countries that never used tanks in WW1 will not be able to produce them, unless the conquer a factory where they can be built. In that case, the will  can produce tanks similar to thei allieds'. 
    *Note: infantry category is classified in 5 kinds you can create: rifle/line infantry, chasseurs, assault infantry, SMG infantry and machineguns
    * Note: cavalry avaible is by 4 kinds: lancers, dragoons, hussars and mounted infantry (avaible by 1916 tech)
    *Note: artillery classification: field artillery, siege howitzer, (field) howitzer, heavy howitzer, rail artillery
    *Note: armoured units avaible: armoured cars, armoured trains (looking the same for all years), early tanks, light tanks and advanced tanks
    *Note: planes avaible: reconaissance planes, fighters (biplanes),  triplanes, bombers
    All countries will have different unit skins, for a larger diversity, not all will look the same.
    I'm waiting for different suggestions, what can I add, what can I change or improve. If there is anyone who can help me with this idea or is intetsted in creating/modding games, he can use this idea. I just want to see this thing coming alive. Thank you very much and happy holidays!

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    Initially, my idea was to use, such as in other strategy games, historical events based on what happened (certain battles), but might also be some where the history may be changed. The idea is that the outcome of a level to be based in the skill of the player, not on a certain nation bias. In Conquest mode, there can be a mix between reality and alternate history, because not all of the European nations were yet part of a certain faction. If there any advice or anything I can change, I'm opened to any new ideas.

    Here is also an idea for the German tech tree, as an example. Hope to be good!

    Germany Tech Tree
    a) Infantry
     - 1914 rifle infantry uniform (the one with the spike-helmet)
    - 1914 jägers (they remain same for all years, but in 1916, may get the stallhelm)
    - 1916 rifle infantry (stallhelm and grey uniforms)
    - 1917 assault infantry (storm troopers)
    - 1918 SMG infantry
    - machinegun: MG08 Spandau

    b) Artillery
    - 1880-1890 field artillery: 77mm M.1896
    - 1914 field artillery: 75mm Krupp M.1903 (it may also be used by Romania), or I can replace it with the 
    - 1914 siege howitzer: 420mm "Big Bertha"
    - 1915 howitzer: 150mm M.1913
    - 1916 field artillery: 105mm Leichte Feldhaubitze 16
    - 1916 rail artillery: 380mm Langer Max
    - 1917 heavy howitzer: 210mm Morser 10
    - 1917 siege howitzer: 280mm Haubitze L/12
    - 1918 field artillery: 150mm Kanone 16
    - 1918 rail artillery: the "Paris Gun"

    c) Armoured vehicles
    - 1914 armoured car: Ehrhard E-V/4
    - 1916 armoured car: Bussing
    - 1916 tank: the germans didn't produce any of their own until 1918, but the can have the "Beutepanzers" (captured British tanks - Mark I or Mark IV)
    - 1917 light tanks: none
    - 1918 advanced tanks: A7V
    * I haven't decided yet if there will be both "male" and "female" tanks, but if I'll do so, the "male" will have a larger firing range, and the "female" will have an anti-infantry bonus

    d) Cavalry
    - 1914 hussars
    - 1914 lancers
    - 1914 dragoons
    - 1916 mounted infantry (same look as the "dismounted" 1916 version)

    e) Aviation
    - 1914 scout plane (with little attack capability and low HP and damage): Aviatik B.1
    - 1915 fighter: Fokker Eindecker
    - 1916 bomber: Zeppelin (universal looking fir most of the factions) and Gotha G. IV
    - triplane: Fokker Dr.1
    - 1916 fighter: Albatros D. III
    - 1918 fighter: Fokker D.VII
    *There will also be anti-aircraft artillery, represented for Germany by the 88mm Flak 16

    I'm still on the ideas developing stage, so any opinion may count. But where can I find someone that actually can help me turn this game into reality? Merry Christmas to you all!

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    Another tech tree realised, this time for Romania:

    Romania Tech Tree

    a) Infantry
    - 1914 rifle infantry (old style)
    - 1914 vânători/chasseurs
    - 1916 rifle infantry 
    - 1917 assault infantry
    - 1918 SMG infantry
    - machinegun: Maxim

    b) Artillery
    - 1880-1890 field artillery: 75mm Krupp M1880
    - 1914 field artillery: 155mm De Bange
    - 1914 siege howitzer: 210mm M1888/1891 Krupp
    - 1915 howitzer: 150mm M1912 Schneider
    - 1916 field artillery: 75mm Krupp M1904
    - 1916 rail artillery: none
    - 1917 heavy howitzer: 155mm M1917 Schneider
    - 1917 siege howitzer: 120mm M.1888/1891 Krupp
    - 1918 field artillery: 75mm Puteax (upgraded)
    - 1918 rail artillery: none
    - anti-aircraft artillery: 76,2mm Putilov autocanon
    *If you conquer an enemy town with the facility to produce rail artillery, you can recruit (as Romania) French or Austro-Hungarian one (not decided yet)

    c)Armoured vehicles
    - 1914 armoured car: Renault Auto-Mitrallieuse
    - 1916 armoured car: Austin Mark III
    - 1916 early tank: none
    - 1917 tank: none
    - 1918 advanced tank: Renault Ft.17 (Romanian marks)
    *In case of conquering a tiwn with acces to tank industry, Romania can also recruit the French 1916 tank Schneider CAI1

    d) Cavalry
    - 1914 hussars
    - 1914 lacers (Roșiori)
    - 1914 dragoons (guard cavalry)
    - 1916 mounted infantry (same look as the 1916 "dismounted" version")

    e) Aviation:
    - 1914 scout plane: Bleriot
    - 1915 fighter: Aviatik C.I
    - 1916 bomber: Farman 40
    - triplane: none
    - 1916 fighter: Nieuport 11
    - 1918 fighter: Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter
    *Romanua doesn't have acces to zeppelins (they didn't use any during the war, just scout baloons)

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    Hello Morar;

    This is indeed an ambitious endeavor but you seem to have some of the qualities necessary to bring it to fruition.  Namely, you knowledge of history, the countries, the players and their "tech" (machines of war).  And lastly you have the desire and determination to do this.  There may be dozens of us on this forum with the similar knowledge of WWI history and the weapons, but if you have the will and fortitude to push this project; that will make all the difference. 

    In my opinion, you have an outline of the components of the game, the campaigns, the (Conquest) modes.  It appears that you need a team of gamer programmers, software architects, and CGI artists to envision an end product and then to map out a way to get to that vision.

    There must be gamer programmers and software designers that would love to hear your idea.  I don't know where to find them, but maybe there are forums and websites that openly solicit these talents and ideas.


    Good luck and don't forget about us if you are looking for awards to feature in your game.  I'm sure we can give you LOTS of ideas there!


    Edited by Claudius
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