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    DFC WW1 Recipient G.H.A. HART help needed

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    Hello gentlemen

    I am researching about veterans from WW1 that went to Brazil after the war and I would appreciate more information about this D.F.C. recipient, that supposed to live in Brazil untill his death.

    2nd Lt G.H.A. Hart. His certificate has a dispatch signed by Generall Sir George Francis Milne in 1st november 1918 and the war office date is 17 (?) march 1919.

    Thanks in advance for all information provided.


    Julio Zary

    Here is a poor copy of his certificate.


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    I'm a little embarassed that I can't recall whether or not a Mention in Despatches at the Division level ** would be in the London Gazette, but the gazette for the award of the DFC should be in there.  

    Wiki say this about Milne, so he was a Divisonal commander when he signed this, I think.: 

    ** At the outbreak of the First World War in July 1914, Milne was commanding the divisional artillery of 4th Division...  He joined the general staff of III Corps in January 1915 and... promoted to major general on 23 February 1915...  He was appointed General Officer Commanding (GOC) 27th Division in July 1915.


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    Found some more information about him:

    10th Royal Fusiliers 23258 Pte. East Surrey Regt 25029 Lance Cpl. RAF Lt

    Source should be 

    WO 372/9/60610 

    How he became a pilot on RAF after beeing an infantry soldier? :o

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    The search function on the London Gazette is best described as 'unreliable' - it misses things fairly often, I think because the letter recognition programme is an earlier version of now more sophisticated 'finder'.  Very frustrating.

    Any number of infantrymen wound up in the Royal Flying Corps and, after May 1, 1917, the RAF.  Perhaps due to the high wastage among pilots.  One often hears of officers transferring over - at their own request - but two chaps from my area near Toronto, Canada signed up directly and were sent to train in the UK.  Both died in trainign accidents, one on Nov. 11, 1918.  It's not clear what they had to make them desireable - perhaps education? - but easy to imagine that somebody with a publci school education, for example, might have joined the Army in a fit of patriotism then decied or had it suggested that he's be more useful in the Flying Corps. 


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    A qucik check at Ancestry.ca shows a George Henry Alexander Hart being baptized in Dorset in July of 1896.  Also, a man of that exact name, listed as a 'bank manager' arrives in Liverpool from Montevideo in 1948 and a 'George Hart' - 'student', so possibly a son? - arrives in the UK in 1952.

    here is the record of his marriage too: George Henry Alexander Hart

    Birth:  July 1896 (Jul 1896) - Dorset
    Marriage:  25th May 1922 (25 May 1922) - Brazil
    Spouse:  Gladys Amelia Weston

    tree.gif F:  George Henry Hart
    M:  Edith Mary Hansford


    PM me if you'd like me to send you a copy of his birth certificate and if you don't have it already.


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