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    Saint Stanislaus Breast Star unknown origin


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    I have a Saint Stanislaus breast star that I cannot identify. The only mark on the back in an oval says "MIGNOLET SRDE (R is small with a dot under it) MORTIER PALAIS ROYAL N.34 PARIS".

    The star is 86.6mm across. The original pin is missing which probably had the maker's name on it. Someone way back soldered a different attachment so it could be worn. Also it has some damage to one of the star points. There is a piece of metal that was used to attach the broken piece but it is missing also.

    I have searched the internet for many hours with no answers other than the street address on the back is a royal palace in Paris.



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    Thanks Paul for your comment. Does anyone know what SRDE means, mortier means mortar but I can't figure out the SRDE (small R with a dot under it). And why does it have an address in Paris of the used to be palace? 

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    In French a raised letter is used to indicate an abbreviation (at least it used to).

    So the line reads: "Sr. de Mortier", which might be an address (Sr. could be short for "sentier" -´passage).

    I believe Palais Royal was a large complex (not just the palace) which used to house various artisans, including jewelers.

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    The "Almanach des 25.000 Adresses des principaux habitans de Paris" from 1820 has this entry under "Jewelers" ("Bijoutiers, Joailliers"):

    Mortier, Palais Royal, galerie des pierre. 34.

    In that case (i.e. if Mortier is the name of a jeweler), "Sr. de Mortier" could be short for "Successeur de Mortier" - Successor of Mortier). In those days this was a normal way of signaling the continuing business.

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    Great Dane: Again thanks for weighing in with your thoughts and research. I think you are correct thinking Sr. de Mortier might be the jeweler/artisan who crafted the breast star and that the store was located in the Palais Royal. Still not sure what Mignolet means. Paul Wood commented that it looked like 3rd quarter 19th century. Wasn't this award mainly for Poland and Russia? Why would it be made in France. Also do you think it is still collectable because of the damage.

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    Well, I think it is pretty straightforward... the jeweler is "Mignolet, successor of Mortier".

    I have embroidered breast stars (not Stanislaus) from the same period that follow the same pattern - written in ink on the back: "XYZ, successor of ABC".

    And Jacob's book mentions Mignolet as a jeweler.


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