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  1. GGSD is the "Gamle Georg Stage Drenge" ("old Georg Stage boys") association. Instituted on November 29th, 1937. It's an association for former officers and crew from the Georg Stage training (sailing) ship. An unofficial medal of course... The association might still exist (I'm not sure).
  2. Hello Great Dane,

    Beautifull photo, I do not remember I had seen the Silver Jubilee Wedding Medal of Queen Margrethe II in color.

    Maybe one day I can get one, but recent royal commemorative medals from Denmark are rare on market.

    If ever you know one person, who could have such a medal for sale, my email is emmanuelhalleux@hotmail.com 



    1. Great Dane

      Great Dane

      Hi Emmanuel,

      I'll keep an eye open, but they are hard to find. As you probably know, the nos. awarded for the various jubilee, birthday and commemoration medals vary wildly, depending on who the monarch decides should be 'in scope'. Like from the Queen's 50th birthday medal (26 awarded) to the 70th birthday medal (450 awarded).

      I don't have the award nos. for many of the newer ones.

      Auction house Bruun Rasmussen had a selection for auction last year (I think) from one of the Queen's lady-in-waiting who passed away. Those medals went for hysterical prices - probably because most of them hadn't been on the market before.

    2. heusy68


      I know Bruun Rasmussen, but the shipping policy is not that always simple.

      I bought from them only ounce, and to avoid problem, I went to Copenhagen by my self, taking 1st morning flight, then last evening flight to return Bruxelles.

      I also this that, to have the occasion to do a few others things in Copenhagen, as there is (was) still a shop with a few medals on that time. And that day I catch a Civil Defense Long Service Medal + a Danish Peacekeeping Group for Bosnia, so I was quiet happy.

      I bet by a middlemen, I got from Rasmussen, the Queen Margrethe II 70th Anniversary. But I paid 2000 €. The seller told me, that a prince Hendrik Memorial Medal had recently been for sale for about 5000 € (but I was not able to buy that one). The 2 Medal for Queen Ingrid 50th Anniversary of Arrival & Memorial medal 2000, plus the Queen Margrethe II Silver Jubilee 1997 and the Frederick IX Centenary Medal, I got them though a middlemen who knew an ex danish royal household retiree on Spanish Riviera. And these 4 costed me much much less (about 600 € each).

      The Queen Margrethe II 50th Birthday, with a so low mintage, I bet, it's out of reach.

      With all the havoc due to coronavirus, I do not even know if I will ever be able to go Copenhagen again....

      I do not know if you have also connection for swedish medal, but in Sweden I miss only the King Carl XVI Gustav 50th Birthday Medal 1996. I ounce bidded on one in a Kuenker auction. Even my bid was high, someone from the auction called me, to be sure I wished to confirm my bid, .....which I did, but I was overbid. It was Kuenker June 2012, I left a bid of 1800 €, and it was sold for 1900.



    3. Great Dane

      Great Dane

      Ahh... you have a couple that I'm still missing... 🙂

      As should probably be obvious from my postings, I collect Danish medals and orders (I'm a Dane who emigrated to Canada about 7 years ago). 

      I'm a member of the board of the Orders and Medals Society of Denmark (OMSD) and the website (omsd.dk) is my creation... not many other 'technical' people in that group 🙂

      I haven't had any trouble getting items shipped from Bruun Rasmussen (if you're willing to pay the price). They have my credit card and address on file, and it normally goes smoothly. Flying from Canada to Denmark to pick up is normally not an option...

  3. Jacob only mentions that Zimmermann made Romanian and Bulgarian orders since the 1930s. He doesn't really specify - depending on how you read it - when the company started.
  4. Great start on a collection 👍 That Hamburg Hanseatic Cross was the first medal I ever bought... at a flea market wa-a-a-a-ay before the Internet was invented... Moved to other collecting pastures since, but sweet memories... 😋
  5. I can add some dates: Denmark, Order of Dannebrog (Grand Cross): 26. April 1954 Iceland, Order of the Falcon (Grand Cross): 15. May 1963
  6. I'm leaning more towards Hugh's suggestion... You often see people wearing Commander's Crosses or Grand Crosses as full size decorations and then a miniature bar with 'the rest', including higher classes of foreign orders as seen here. The royal household bars I've seen (from various countries) would normally not have Commander or Grand Cross classes of foreign orders, but would have a lot of 'court medals' (in bronze, silver or gold depending on the seniority).
  7. Others are much more knowledgeable when it comes to German decorations, but as far as I can make out, they are: Eisernes Kreuz 2. klasse 1914 Hindenburgkreuz (for non-combatants) Verdienstkreuz Kriegshilfsdienst 1916 Kolonial Denkmünze (with bar) Long service decoration Long service decoration Kaiser Wilhelm I. Erinnerungsmedaille 1897 Whether the above combo is naval is for others to decide, but I doubt that the recipient would count as 'high ranking'...
  8. The Griffin MG2b would be a 'Komtur' (neck cross). Impressive bar and impressive research!
  9. Good piece. Since nobody else replied, I'll comment... I have never had to choose between the 2 paths described (restoring or leaving as is), but here is a somewhat related story that might cheer you up (as in being cheered up by hearing about something that is worse...) I like old cars... if I had the time and means I would gladly restore old cars as a hobby. Lacking both I revel in watching it on TV. BBC has a show - Wheeler Dealers - where 2 guys restore cars. Well, since the cars are not necessarily vintage it is often more repairing than restoring, but it's all done in good humor, explaining what they're doing and how details specific to this car was constructed and how it works etc. After each episode I feel I learned something. Great show! Then there is the... sigh... US variety. The - numerous - shows all claim to be restoring, but this is ALWAYS interpreted as slapping on some chrome, LED lights, metallic paint, big rims etc. All done without showing any actual work, but with loads of staged 'interpersonal drama', jumping high-fives and "That's so cool, dude" dialogue. It breaks my heart to see a beautiful - albeit worn and tired - old pickup truck being 'restored' into a pimp-mobile. So all this to say... be happy that you only have to deal with restoring or leaving as is... not, say, a chromed Adrian helmet...
  10. Ah, I see... thanks for the correction 👍 Did you try to search for the recipient based on the bar alone or is that combination too generic?
  11. I stand corrected... it had a 'Romanian vibe' to me. Thanks for the detailed explanation
  12. I'm not convinced that the miniature chain belongs to the same man - too many inconsistencies... I know awards on the miniature chain could represent commander grade or higher, so wouldn't be on the bar, but why e.g. would the Italian order be without crown on the bar and with crown on the mini (two different periods)?
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