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    1. I don't have that official report, but a similar list can be found in Peter Frederiksen's "Jutlandia - Danmark i Korea-krigen". It was published in 2009, so may be easier to find. It lists medical and naval personnel, but (as far as I can see) omits those that were decorated with the Jutlandia medal for their support work on shore (Danes as well as foreigners). Hope this helps... UPDATE: I just realized I have the Annex G from the official report in a digital format. If you want me to send it to you, PM me with your email address.
    2. Came across this (undoubtedly real) mini VC. It does not seem to have attachment holes. Mini VC on Noonans Mayfair
    3. Just checked my miniature (which may actually be the full size... it is 16 x 28 mm) and it says F. VERNON.
    4. Yes, the one you show is an official medal. But as I mentioned earlier, I once saw the 'twin' medal to the one with Queen Louise. Same size, same crown, same oval shape, but with Christian IX. So I thought that could also be a Vernon design.
    5. Does that Vernon list also mention the similar medal with the bust of her husband (King Christian IX)? If that medal was also a 'death medal', he died in 1906.
    6. Yes, I'm pretty sure that is your man. He received the Dannebrog Knight on 23/5 1947 and that is the one he is wearing on the photo from Hjørring. The Knight class was divided in two in 1953, but he didn't get 'upgraded' to 1. class until 1961 as previously listed. He must have received the St. Olav order approx. 1958 as it first appears in the calendar list in 1959. Well, I won't take more fun out of your research. Let me know if you need a photo of his entries in the biography volume or the Blaa Bog.
    7. I double-checked the "Kraks Blaa Bog" 1972 (the Danish version of Who's Who). It mentions he was awarded "Danish Red Cross' Merit Medal* (probably when he retired as a Red Cross chairman in 1970). The book doesn't always get the award names right, so I assume it is the one on the bar. I also checked Hieronymussen's book "European Orders" from 1966. The plate showing the St. Olav decorations shows both the Knight grade and the Knight 1. class without rosettes (Knight in silver, Knight 1. class in gilt). The rosette on the ribbon for a Knight 1. class must have been introduced at some point after 1966.
    8. I think I have a name for you: Olaf Thorkild Kann (1893-1975) His awards were: - Denmark, Dannebrog (Knight 1. class) 17/7 1961 - i.e. Frederik IX version - Norway, St.Olav (Knight 1. class) - I believe this class has the insignia in gold/gilt but no rosette? - Iceland, Falcon (Knight) 1/4 1954 - Thailand, Crown (Officer) He does not include his Thai and Red Cross awards in any of the calendar listings, but his That Crown order is listed in a biographical volume from 1965 and - in the same volume - it mentions he was chairman of the Danish Red Cross Roskilde branch from 1956 (which would certainly result in a Red Cross award).
    9. Nice one! Congratulations. I don't think Madsen is your man... provided that this is the only (and final) bar, which it normally is unless you're royalty. Madsen ended up with Dannebrog Commander, St.Olav Commander and Siam Crown Order Commander. I had a look through the calendars, but have not (yet) been able to find any match.
    10. It is an interesting medal, but I can't be of much help. I have seen this medal and a similar medal (same oval shape, same size and same type of crown) featuring her husband King Christian IX. Whether that one also was a 'death medal', I can't remember. They are not listed as official medals in any of Lars Stevnsborg's books, but they are very nicely made, unlike many other non-official medals. I actually have a miniature of this Queen Louise medal - the fact that miniatures exist is another indication that these medals were not just a cheap endeavour.
    11. Here are some quick photos of the ON Gold Medal for Swedes for the 1944-1996 period. I can do proper scans if you like or will this suffice?
    12. The book lists all Swedes (and Danes, Finns, Icelanders and Norwegians - even some Balts) who received any class of a Dutch Order (Lion, Oranje-Nassau, Orange, Crown) including the associated medals, for the periods where they were bestowed on foreigners. Are the lists complete? I don't know, but Mr. Mulder was usually very thorough in his research. I think the book (94 pages) was a limited edition publication. For the Gold grade of the medal you're interested in, the lists contain 33 Swedes (1892-1940) + 69 Swedes (1944-1996).
    13. Unfortunately, no N. G. T. Holmström listed in C. P. Mulders "Dutch Awards conferred on Scandinavians". The book covers the periods 1892-1940 and 1944-1996.
    14. Order of the Black Star of Benin. Not really from Benin (Dahomey), but used as a French decoration for those that didn't qualify for the French Legion of Honour.
    15. The groom was awarded the Danish Order of Dannebrog Grand Cross - probably due to the wedding and probably what he is wearing in the photo. His father, Otto Friedrich, was not awarded any Danish orders.
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