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  1. To me the color looks more like the Belgian Order of the Crown.
  2. I think it says "Whether in possession..." - similar to the other header fields. That would also make more sense...
  3. Ahh... you're right... I checked my own miniature (yes, I get the irony of not recognizing this as a miniature) and it has no markings at all.
  4. To add to Lars' description, I don't think this is the actual decoration but a related emblem of some sort. The decoration is a multi-piece construction like shown here. There is normally a number on the reverse and the decoration has to be returned after the death of the recipient,
  5. Ahh... I see... good explanation and drawing 👍 That actually solves a mystry of mine where a Commander cross had a ribbon too short to go around the neck and having button holes in each end.
  6. Can anyone explain this paragraph (for wearing more than one Commander cross as a civilian): "Beim Civil wird nur ein Band um den Kragen gelegt; trägt man mehrere Orden, so werden diese an das oberste Band angeknöpft." I am familiar with the military version ("aus der Knopfreihe"), but how does it look in the civilian version? The gentleman pictured wearing Pour le Mérite and Johannitter seems to be wearing two ribbons, although it is hard to see....
  7. An unofficial decoration for sure. The date commemorates the day when the Germans declared a military state of emergency and took over the government. The Danish army and navy was disarmed and dissolved. The Danish navy sunk its own fleet to avoid the ships being taken over by the Germans. One of the locations where shots were exchanged was in Nyborg.
  8. I think there are 2 unknown medals - one unknown on each photo. They are not the same (just like the bar itself is quite different).
  9. I double-checked the list for all recipients with Cross of Liberty 3rd class (including 'with swords' in case there was a typo), but they (15 in total) either received other medals, received other knight-level orders, did not receive the Order of Vasa or were deceased in 1973. And none had any relation to any medical service. What is the last medal? Some semi-official agriculture medal? A most interesting bar.
  10. Simon Olsson's list ("Belönade av Hitler - Svenska mottagare av Tyska örnens orden 1937‒1945") lists 247 of - allegedly - a total of 254 Swedish recipients of the German Order of the Eagle, but none of them match this combination - in fact not even close, unfortunately. That being said, the combination looks to be quite unique. Provided it wasn't tampered with, not many recipients could have received the German order and the Swedish Patriotic Society medal with King Carl XVI Gustaf (1973 - onwards)...
  11. I agree on the breast star being St. Anne. The neck badge looks to be that of St. Vladimir. I hope some member with knowledge of Russian regimental badges will chime in...
  12. Genuine, for sure. Awarded during the reign of King Christian IX (1863-1906). Gold, as was the norm before 1912 (ish). What specifically do you want to know?
  13. If the collar was a special gift from the officers, does that mean that this is the only collar ever made for this order? It looks very unique, including the FM batons as a suspension.
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