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  1. "Please be aware that Captain Hogspear's warehouse and stock can have a country-house aroma" Geez.. this lot smells of manure, but it's not because of the country house... 🙄 Note how the link to Reuters that should prove the provenance neither contains any photos nor any real description of the medals. Around the same time (2007) another lot of 'Saddam's medals" was for sale (by his chauffeur, I believe). Among them a knight cross of Danish Order of Dannebrog. Apart from the fact that Saddam was never awarded any class of Dannebrog, there is no chance that any head of state woul
  2. Impressive! What's the difference between decorations no. 5 and 6?
  3. "whp" was just a typo. I guess it should have been "who"...
  4. Norway. King Haakon VII Coronation Medal 1905.
  5. AT is for the manufacturer (Tillander) and 813H is for silver. Are there any other hallmarks?
  6. You are right. How very odd to be awarded a Commander's class twice... So if a gilt star on the ribbon represents the second award of the same class, how does one wear the full size decorations? Twice?
  7. I read an article on the Swedish blog phaleristica.com regarding the "US Medal of Freedom with Distinction" to Joe Biden. The article mentioned that even the sash version of this decoration was 'ceremonially' awarded around the neck (for the best photo op I assume). Could the same be the case here? Could he have been awarded the Chief Commander grade (a breast star) but ceremonially been given it as a neck decoration?
  8. Could it just have been imported into France (if - like you say - it was awarded to a French)? I'm not an expert in when French hallmarks were applied...
  9. There's a OBE in there too. Interesting that he had all the mentioned orders 'represented' on his breast bar, as I assume he was Grand Cross in all of them.
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