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    C.B.E. Miniature Medal Group - WHOSE could it be ????

    I recently bought the miniature medal group (illustrated here) on an auction. Of course, as a long time medal collector, I am

    well aware that miniature medals groups are NOT named (in the normal fashion). As this group did not come with a photo of the

    group with its recipient, nor was it accompanied by any documentation -  so it is pretty much impossible to attribute the group to

    any person.   OR IS IT ?????

    What are the facts?  Well for a start, it is awarded to a South African, as the Africa Service Medal shows. Then there is the C.B.E. 

    which is a very uncommon award to South Africans. Thirdly, he served in BOTH Wars, but after 1914-15 in the Great War, and he

    was M.I.D. in that War. In World War Two, he saw service in Africa, but did not go on to Italy. And, finally he has THREE Jubilee

    and Coronation Medals including the 1935 Jubilee, and the 1937 Coronation - which were not commonly issued to "just anyone".

    So he could have been a fairly senior officer during the 1930s -  he may have been a long-time "career" officer ............. 

    SO NOW - would any member of this group like to say WHO the group might have been awarded to -  assuming that it is a "genuine"

    group - and not simply made up ............ ??????  (Here, I must immediately confess that I have NO idea).  BUT I have tried to do a 

    little bit of research to try to find out -  and although it is quite easy to identify some likely South African C.B.E. recipients, it is very

    difficult to establish WHAT OTHER AWARDS they got.................... so this is a challenging and interesting exercise. I have managed to

    identify a few South African CBE recipients (who did not get other awards -  eg: DSO / MC / CB / DFC. etc ) These are:

    Major General HG Willmott CBE

    Brigadier J. Daniel CBE

    Brigadier P. de Waal CBE

    Brigadier JB Kriegler CBE

    I have excluded Maj. Gen FRG Hoare, as apart from the CBE, he was also a CB: and also Maj Gen KR van der Spuy was

    excluded - he received both the CBE and an MC. I suppose that one clue to the solution would be to check the names on the

    three Jubilee / Coronation medal rolls to narrow down those South Africans who received ALL three, then also got a CBE and

    was MID in 1914 - 1918. But alas, I do not have access to those rolls. 

    But, without knowing what other awards and medals these men received - can anyone hazard an educated guess as to who MIGHT

    have been awarded such a group .................. ???????    Any ideas ..............  ??????

    All the best,

    David Bennett



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    Hi David, you may be in luck with this miniature group. I have a full size group in my collection that lines up with the miniature group you illustrated. It was awarded to Brigadier Edwin Williamson, South African Staff Corps.



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    Hi Gavin -  This is wonderful news, indeed. Would you care to share any further information on Brigadier Williamson with me please?  For example -  a photo of his full - size medal group. Possibly a photo or two of the man himself. Have you done any research / or a write up on this man you would care to share, please ???  In fact I would gratefully receive ANY further details about Williamson and his group that you would care to share with me. I see that you are in Australia. Are you a former South African?  Did you acquire the Group there? When? As I say, anything would be most useful for me, thank you, Gavin. If you wish to keep the matter private, then kindly email me at:  david@burvest.com.

    Thanks SO MUCH, again, Gavin.

    All the best,

    David Bennett


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    Hi David, I am indeed a South African, born & bred. Now Australian but still collect to Africa related theme. I have just returned from a business trip and will send some info through to you via email over the next few days. I purchased the group through Oity Coins quite a few years ago now.

    For the benefit of the  Forum, here is the photo of the full size group in the meantime. I have completed some research.


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    This is wonderful news, Gavin, that you are able to confirm this combination awarded to Brigadier Edwin Williamson. Thanks also for your email with a photo of the Brigadier, along with General Dan Pienaar. I assume that Brigadier Williamson is the very large man on the right hand side of the photo.  Should you be able to / want to share any further details of the Brigadier with me, please Gavin, I would be most grateful to you for anything further.  THANK YOU for giving me these details and confirmation ............ all the best to you. 

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