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    I collect Southern Africa medal groups from 1853 through to 1994. This includes South Africa, Namibia, Rhodesia and GSWA and the campaigns that were participated in across Europe, North Africa, Korea and so on. In addition I am interested in SA Military and Police and any "foreign" groups with Southern Africa service.

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  1. The book you mention was essentially the only one for many years and is still a good reference for the period. Another book that came out a few years ago is "A Guide to South African Military Awards" by Paul Matthysen. This is a good reference for the different types found e.g the various Pro Patrias but not much on numbers. Apart from Barron et al there are the Forsyth rolls for commonwealth awards. I stand to be corrected but believe little if any info on up to date numbers for SA awards is available from the SANDF (SADF was combined with MK and APLA post 1994, to form the SANDF, so strictly speaking no longer exists)
  2. Good progress on your SA medals
  3. Hi, just as an FYI, there is currently a copy of the book by Alexander, Barron & Bateman available on Bid or Buy (SA). (Note, I have no link to the seller)
  4. Hi, not sure if you have seen the following two books: 1. South African Orders, Decorations & Medals, by Alexander, Barron & Bateman. 2. A Guide to South African Military Awards, by Paul Matthysen The first has been out of print for some time! But both do turn up on "Bid or Buy" or some of the South African dealers / auctioneers
  5. Wessel, it is unlikely that you will be able to undertake this with out some additional information, such as a name etc. also as far as I know the more recent records are still closed. Perhaps one of the South African researchers can assist, such as Dewald Nel (Denel) or Audrey Portman (Aud), both are members on this forum.
  6. Wessel, as some of the other posts indicate I would personally group the medals in the order by country. I would also suggest, some literature. If you do not have it, to purchase a book called "South African Orders, Decorations and Medals" by Alexander, Barron and Bateman. It is long out of print but copies do come up from time to time on Bid or Buy. Also a Medal Yearbook is good reference and some of the later editions cover off on British and commonwealth awards incl South Africa. Order of precedence can be tricky because they do change from time to time, especially South Africa, but that is part of the fun. Arthur is correct that the VC was classified as a foreign award post 1967 Republic being gained. Just to illustrate how there can be differences it was my understanding that the only foreign decoration to receive precedence over all South African awards was the VC. Of course the could have changed over the years, even as recently as 1994. The unique example is the group to Capt Quentin Smythe, VC. He served through WW II and on into the 1980's. His group of nine mounted as worn was VC, SADF Long Service(silver & bronze), Coronation 1953, 39-45 Star, Africa Star, War Medal 39-45, Africa Service Medal, Jubilee medal 1977.
  7. Hi, are you sure the Africa Star was awarded to a South African? The VX number looks more like an Australian service number prefix, indicating that the person joined or was from the state of Victoria. Just a suggestion as I do not recall seeing that prefix on South African medals
  8. Hi, I have used Audrey for research before and she provides a great feedback. Another researcher is Dewald, I think he is also on GMIC as Denel.
  9. Hi, thank you very much. I really appreciate the help interpreting the medals.
  10. Hi, I was approached by a friend who owns the following "medallions" and asked to assist him with identifying them. I have not idea to be honest as it is well and truly out of my field of knowledge. I hope that someone on the Forum can assist me in deciphering the following medallions and indicate whether they are, as suspected, commemorative or award pieces please? This writing on the reverse seems to be Cyrillic script. Attached please find copies of the obverse and reverse of the first medallion dated 1915 - 1917. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance. Attached is the second "medallion" in questions, with both the obverse and reverse pictured. They are both unnamed. In taking a second look, at the risk of stating the obvious, these may also be greek potentially? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and once again thank you in advance.
  11. Great find, shows that there is still very interesting items that can surface
  12. Hi, it is possible to get copies of his service records, but as there is no records online you will have to contact a local researcher. One of these is Audrey Portman from Rhino Research, whom I have worked with a number of times. I seem to recall that she is also a member with the username Aud. Best of luck. Regards, Gavin
  13. Hi David, I am indeed a South African, born & bred. Now Australian but still collect to Africa related theme. I have just returned from a business trip and will send some info through to you via email over the next few days. I purchased the group through Oity Coins quite a few years ago now. For the benefit of the Forum, here is the photo of the full size group in the meantime. I have completed some research.
  14. Hi David, you may be in luck with this miniature group. I have a full size group in my collection that lines up with the miniature group you illustrated. It was awarded to Brigadier Edwin Williamson, South African Staff Corps. Regards Gavin
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