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Gord Crossley

Trying to identify a mystery medal at the end of a Canadian group

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Hello members,

For my first posting here, I am trying to identify a medal worn by MGen F.F. Worthington CB, MC, MM. All I have are some rather blurry photos provided by the museum in CFB Borden. The mdal at the end of the group appears to have an orange/red ribbon, and has two white/yellow stripes on each side. The edge of the medal appears to be a set of wings, with some sort of bird in the centre, and a three-pointed crown above.

The attached photos, circa 1965, show the medal at the end of his miniatures group and full size group.

He retired from the Army in 1947, and was head of Civil Defence in Canada from 1948 to 1957.

I have searched for this medal in every category I can think of, such as foreign, charitable, religious and fraternal orders, and haven't been able to find a match. I hope the members of this group can help.

I have read through "Worthy": A Biography of Major-General F.F. Worthington CB, MC, MM by Larry Worthington, but could find no clues there. The Library and Archives Honours site only lists the CB. MC and MM.

Thank you,




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Hello Gord, and welcome to the forum!


To me this looks like the Swedish Civil Defence Merit medal in gold (came in silver as well). Does this make sense?





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Thank you so much. It it a perfect match.

It must have been awarded to him during his time with Civil Defence. In 1949 he traveled to England, Scandanavia, Germany and the Low Countries to study their Civil Defence programs.

His biography contains the following:

" "One time, just back from Sweden, he was giving an interview to the press in his office overlooking the Parliament Buildings. On hearing the Swedish programme outline, a reporter exclaimed enthusiastically: "That's extraordinary, General! Why aren't we doing something like that in Canada?"
With a sudden upsurge of frustrated indignation, Worthy pointed savagely out through the window.
"There's the reason!" he roared. "RIGHT UP THERE!"
It made good copy and appeared all across Canada, but with the uproar from "up there", Worthy had to retract and qualify his outburst." "

You have made my day. I would never have thought to check Swedish awards.


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