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    I would like to acquire a digital image of an original British 1st Life Guards Button from the Napoleonic Wars and was wondering if anyone has seen one? Possibly a battlefield relic, museum item or in a rare button collection.  I have contacted the National Army Museum Research department but for some reason they don't seem to have direct access to the coatee button in question.


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    In June of 2015 I was priviliged to take part in the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.  I was with a composite battalion of North Americans but we were brigaded with a 'company' from the Colstream Guards, made up of British members of the Napoleonic Association.  All of their kit was spot on historically and very lovely and, probably needless to say, all reproduction including buttons, gorgets, belt plates and so on.

    I suspect that if you were to contact the NA with your query they could connect you with whoever makes their kit, who I strongly suspect must have a set of illustrations or even original examples of buttons and so on for a variety of units.  I have a friend here who makes such things for the 'trade',  but only for the British and Canadian units who served in North America.  Here is the contact info. for the NA: https://www.napoleonicassociation.org/contact

    Good luck!


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    I know that the Scots Grey's who were at the 200th were from the Regiment itself and had the support [read 'money] of the Army.  The recently retired Colonel of the Greys, who I believe was at that time commanding the London District territorials, or somethig of the sort, was a mover and shaker in getting the group to Belgium.  I strongly suspect that the Life Guards were supported similarly by their unit and perhaps an Old Comrades group.  

    Again, your best bet is most likely the NA chaps.  If you are a Facebook user, try to hook up with a Major Rob Yuill.  he was our Brigade Major at that event and now works for the Rifles Museum in some official capacity.  He's very involved in napoleonic re-enacting, a lovely man and almost certainlywilling to offer advice.  Good luck!  [His FB identity shows up as "Rob Yuill RHQ The Rifles"]  Good luck with the search!

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