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    Questions about iteams I got offered


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    Hi :D  

    I got offered these items from friend! 250eu ex shipping

    problem is, i'm new to American medals and even don't know other medals(price of course)

    Anything about these would be very appreciated.











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    A visit to e#ay to verify values may be in order.   Besides the 2 U.S. medals, the 3 red enamel stars are Romanian, the medals Dutch---and the bronze? cross {Church Lads Brigade} Commonwealth.

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    I found out that 3 medals are romaian, and dutch medals are fro long service

    and one yellow medal is for korean war service

    still wonder about its value.. not exactly same one for ebay:wacky:

    Thanks you so much helping me!

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    Three Romanian -- U.S. $30-$50, 2 U.S.A.-- U. S. $10-$20, Korean mini -- U.S. $15-$25, 3 Dutch Long Service -- U.S. $40-$60.    More diligent research may reveal wider price ranges.  No idea of Church Lads Brigade cross value.

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