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    Questions about iteams and value

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     I got offered these items from friend! 250eu ex shipping

    problem is, i'm new to Dutch medals and even don't know other medals(price of course)

    Anything about these would be very appreciated.











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    Hello hamilcar,

    A nice collection you bought. Only the medals with the full orange colour are Dutch. They are called the 'Trouwe dienst medaille' Loyal service medal.

    It is given to all Dutch military personell below the rank of officer. A bronze one is given for 12 years of service, a silver one for 24 years and a gold one for 36 years.


    The left one on the last picture is a Korean miniature medal for the Korean war given to military personell who served in the Korean war from 1950 - 1954.




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    The SW Asia US Service medal is at least of the era of the Gulf War due to the case and the strike. The Other US Medal is a US Army Achievement Medal and it appears to be a recent issue piece. These medals are both very common and won't bring much. 

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    The third set of pictures are for Romanian Medals of Merit instituted in 1954 for 15, 20 and 25 years service.  I think they are fairly common and only worth a few dollars apiece.  Nice specimens though!

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