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    Can someone identify this

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    FA02A80A-3CB9-457D-B537-B218800A691C_zpsHi I picked up this item and was intrigued to find out more about it I have managed to locate the silversmith but unable to work out the crest on the front I just think it’s a really interesting piece 

    hmm how do people attach pictures on here it’s not allowing me to the size of the file 


    many thanks 




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    Adding pic
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    Hello . Any indication of regimental number ? or bataiilon ? The piece is apparently a cigarette case gifted to some officer who won the 1913 shoot competition .the bataillon command payed the prize . the crest of arms engraved on probably is that of the recipient of the prize. Requires a Nobilty Almanach to determine the Family .

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    Hi there is nothing else on it bar that inscription and the crest , the kommandeuce is the commanders wife which I thought was unusual and someone has also mentioned Prussia to me but it’s just hard to work out how u can find the battalion 



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