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    Austro-Hungarian case/etui


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    This is my first post in this forum so welcome everyone:)
    I need your help. Does anyone know who was the procuisator of this type of case for Austro-Hungarian decorations? Which year is the production?
    I will be grateful for any suggestion.




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    I have some doubts about these boxes. 

    I saw that they were occasionally selling at some trade fair, but I have never seen, that they would be selling on any major auction.

    Also production, inscription... are  different from those of the end of the war.

    So I think that they are from the period after ww1

    Please forgive me if I am wrong.



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    Bravery medals and also KTK were awarded in the field without any box. So if someone returned home he had to buy one.. there was no official box for them, so i think it could be from the end of the war. This type of KTK box is mentioned in article about this cross in phaleristic journal SIGNUM and also in a hungarian book that came out in cca 2016...

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