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    Hi Guys - This is a long shot but I'll give it a go. I'm looking for any information on a Doctor named Horst Wieckert. He was a Regimentsarzt during WWII but I'm guessing he was older than your typical landser and was around in WWI or maybe even just listed in a 1920s or 30s era Rank List. I know nothing of him except that he was married to a woman by the name of Else with a Birkenwerder-Berlin address. He was named in the EB in January 1944. Any chance someone knows of him? Anything?

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    The KTB of the 102. Inf. Div. for the time in question has survived and can be accesses at the National Archive.

    See here for details:



    Btw you seem to have put this question on other platforms and already gotten some infos beyond what you posted here. Why don´t you put it all upl, so that people who want to help you don´t waste time collecting infos you already have?


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    GreyC - Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry but I should have mentioned that I am also aware of his unit (or the unit he was in) when he was named in the EB. My goal here was to see if there is any chance he was named in any publication before the war - perhaps he served before WWII but, of course, could have been a civilian called up for war service.

    I'm also aware of the KTB information. The roll is also available via NARA  but it is cost prohibitive to buy the whole thing. I could pay a researcher to comb through, but I am hoping to avoid that if possible (at this time). So, I'm still at the same point as before - I know his rank, unit, award dated (and date of his actions and location) but have nothing more. Once again, I appreciate your reply.



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