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  1. Have you read my post at all? The studio´s mark is clearly visible in the lower right hand corner. GreyC
  2. The 2nd photo was taken in Hildesheim. Doesn´t have to mean anything, of course. Could be home on leave. GreyC
  3. It´s the helmet of the Garde du Corps. I´d place the production of the statue in the 1890´s. GreyC
  4. They look like stuff you got in return when you gave money during street collections. GreyC
  5. Seems to be a post war photo, as the VWA is "durchbrochen". I only know these as postwar Eigentumsstücke, but may well be corrected by more knowledgeable folks. GreyC
  6. Hi, I am a layman in medal related topics. So excuse me, if the answer to my question is obvious to most.Is there a protocol that details what foreign medals were worn in what order (here: Finish in front of Saxon)? Thank you! GreyC
  7. Your suggestion is right. It says Society of Fieldartillery Veterans of Pfronten and surroundings. Pfronten is in Bavaria near Tyrol. GreyC
  8. Hi Nicolas, this might seem silly, but could the name be that of the photographer instead of the one poirtrayed? GreyC
  9. Hi, as he worked at the Stuttgarter Kunstgewerbeschule after WW2 (died 1952) there should be a personal file on him in the State Archive of Baden-Württemberg or the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart. GreyC
  10. Hi, there were far more Ackermann´s in Hamburg than Akerman or Akkermann, but all names are listed. Akerman(n) and Akkermann are sometimes found in the north of Germany, especially on the island of Borkum from where it spread to other parts. I personally knew somebody by the name of Akkermann, but as Dave said, Ackermann is a likely option. In 1939 there were 3 E. Ackermann, one Eduard Ackermann (butcher) one von Akerman and two Akkermann (but of those no "E"). Listed are only those inhabitants who either owned a place or were main tenant. Not those who subletted GreyC
  11. Hi, Ernst Jünger wore his PlM around the neck regardless of civil dress. GreyC https://www.deutschland-lese.de/index.php?article_id=1149
  12. Hi, far from beeing an expert the colors remind me of Austria-Hungary during WW1. Green/red for Hungary and the crest with red/white/red in the colors of Austria. But the design of the piece for me looks like it is not an official national award. GreyC
  13. Well put. I was just paraphrasing Berthold Brecht who wrote (if I remember correctly: Julius Cesar conquered Gaul? Surely he must have had at least a cook supporting him...) 😉 On a more serious side: it seems hard to find biographical information and photographs of Franz on the net. It´s mostlyy about today´s head of the Wittelsbacher, also named Franz. GreyC
  14. Hi Bayern, surely he had some help from his troops? 😉 No offence, GreyC
  15. Hi Alex, it was a pleasure to be able to contribute. GreyC
  16. Hi, for me it´s difficult to distinguish, but those collar tabs were worn by Bavarian police as well as Bavarian border patrol. Here as Obergrenzaufseher. https://www.seitengewehr.de/grenze2.html https://www.seitengewehr.de/bayfreistaat.html If you compare the shoulderboards, you will notice a difference, though the collar boards are the same. So yours could be police? GreyC
  17. Hi! It´s from son Max to his mother. The photo on the card was taken in Bad Nauheim. He thanks his familiy for taking care of Jenny (his wife or girlfriend, I presume) so well. He is well, too. That´s basically it. GreyC
  18. I took time and effort to answer your question and scanned the article of the 1890s Brockhaus for all to read (thanks much to Utgardloki for the translation) to facilitate a valid answer. So if you are not happy with my answer you have the Brockhaus article I provided to give you the answer. That´s all from my side. GreyC
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