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  1. Given the facts you present, Bauer seems a very valid possibility. Well done (Dave, too)! GreyC
  2. If you google Otto Borggraefe you´ll find this. In his diary is a photo you might find helpful. GreyC
  3. Hi itßs ? auch or ? auck. I´d go with auch. First letter either G, R maybe B. Most likely Rauch from my point of view. The GM for Generalmajor. GreyC
  4. It´s the crest of Schleswig-Holstein in the Federal Republic of Germany as well as the crest of the then Prussian province of that name in the German Reich. So the owner of the cap was probably a native of that province. Best, GreyC
  5. Why not, could have been visiting? There was an Emil Schleicher of Gmünd severly wounded (reported 31.10.1916 in the loss list). He was witz REIR 4 and a Leutnant der Landwehr. So if the guy´s photo was really taken late in the war it´s not him but someone by the same name and of the same place. GreyC
  6. Hi, To my knowledge, you had (in times of war) 16 strecherbearer-carrier privates and one Uffz. per infantry-regiment. They wore the uniform of the regiment plus the Äskulabstab. I can´t make out a number on the shoulders. So it should be Garde, but the Kragenlitzen are missing. Help me out, guys. GreyC
  7. Hi, thanks to freiherr and Bayern for pointing out particulars in my photos. Much appreciated! Attached father and son, the latter in Leib-Husaren Uniform. Ready to go away in the Crownprince´s Protos-Automobil. GreyC
  8. I think there´s the answer, also true in war-times. A Vzfw would hardly b e a Korporalschaftsführer, e.g. GreyC
  9. Maybe he is mentioned here: Veit Veltzke: Unter Wüstensöhnen. Die deutsche Expedition Klein im Ersten Weltkrieg, Nicolai Verlag, Berlin 2014. GreyC
  10. In 1872 and in the mid 1870s again, Behncke was awarded medals of excellence for photography at two different exhibitions that he then used as means of publicity for a while on the reverse of his CDVs. In the 1880s he was so well established that he no longer used them on his CDVs. However, the style on the back was much more refined, claasical ason your example. So the photo was definitely taken between him being granted the status "by appointment to the Grand duke"(=Hof-Photograph) and his first medal in 1872. The new backs of his CDVs with the medal will have been produced in 1873 a the latest. So the photo must have been taken 1872/73. Two examples from my collection to illustrate the above.
  11. Hi, it´s definitely after 1872, as he became "Hof-Photograph" that year and I´d say a wee bit before 1880 juding by the design of the reverse. In the 1880s the design he used was more refrained. But 1880/81 is still an option. GreyC
  12. Hi! If it is a CDV could you post a scan of the whole photo front and back with name of studio? Could help dating the pic. GreyC
  13. He didn´t commit suicide. It was Adolf Friedrich VI. He was said to suffer from depression, ultimately the cause was never established, though. GreyC
  14. Hi, not sure if of interest and if Müldner is on them. But I do recognize the crownprince 😉 GreyC
  15. Hi, no problem, it´s a pleasure. I think gold is appropriate, but I don´t know for sure. GreyC
  16. Hi, it´s a bit more complex than that. Several Prussian kings had "Gendenkzeichen für das militärische Gefolge des kKönigs". WI, WII were only two of them. WI had a "W" WR II a "WR". All princes of WII were elligible as well as Generaladjutanten and Generale a la suite and, as mentioned, Flügeladjutanten of the Kaiser. Alle three Abzeichen differed only in the choice of material, not in form. The Gedenkzeichen für Generaladjutanten was made from gold or gold plated silver, the one for Flügeladjutanten made of bronze and then silverplated. The bronze badge for Generale a la suite of the Kaiser had the royal chiffre and crown goldplated, the oakleaves silverplated. GreyC
  17. Yes that is the Hohenzollernkrone, which is totally different from the crown on the lapel. I thought you meant the crown on the lapel? GreyC
  18. It´s the Kaiserkrone from the looks of it. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germania_(Briefmarke) GreyC
  19. He is not in the Ehrenrangliste. So he was probably promoted to officer during the war. There was a Lt. d. L. Paul Hocker of Jäger Reg. 14 killed in 1918. He was from Warteshausen Sachsen Gotha-Coburg. Maybe a relative? GreyC
  20. Hi, Cisnadie=Heltau. The photo was also published in "Durch Siebenbürgen und Rumänien" by Albert Reich p 12. The photographer belonged to a press-agency. The photo seems to have been sold/distributed as I know of other copies around. GreyC
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