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    1. Hi, could have something to do with Congregation Salesian or Salesians of Don Bosco. It´s their motto. GreyC
    2. The sign at the back might give a clou as to where the photo was taken. Could have been Flensburg. GreyC
    3. Vorläufiger Ausweis Der musketier August Potthast von der 3. mg Kompanie des 3.Ober-Elsässisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 172, geboren am 16. Juni 1894 zu Lemgo, Kreis Lemgo, Lippe Detmold, ist am 22. September 1916 das EKII verliehen worden. Ein Besitzzeugnis wird später zugestellt werden. GreyC
    4. I am afraid, I don´t. He was reactivated for service in the war, having held comand of 59 Inf Brigade before the war and finishing the war as Kdr of Stellvertetendes Brigade Kdo 49. He died 1st Jan. 1924. GreyC
    5. Not quite, I am afraid. His name is/was (Karl) Becker GreyC
    6. The Regiment was raised by Stellvertretendes Generalkommando of X. AK, replacements came from Ers. Btl. LwIR 78. So chances are he came from lower Saxony, around Brunswig or Celle. But with a name like his, its like a needle in a haystack. GreyC
    7. Hi, interesting. For Heeres-Sturmgeschütz-Brigade 600: https://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gliederungen/Sturmgeschutzeinheiten/Sturmgeschutzabteilung600.htm GreyC
    8. Premier Lieutnant Carl Muskewitz, Kommandeur des Pferde-Depots der 8. Armee-Korps Signed by the Comander of the 8th Army-Corps. It´s the award certificate for participants of the war of 1866. GreyC
    9. It is always better to show both sides. 1) Stationsleiter Oberleutnant Schiller vor seiner Felsenwohnung Xanthi 1917. 2) ??? Flugboot als Gleitboot und Rettungsboot in Putzig. GreyC
    10. Maybe, but even Germans who never saw the front-lines were awarded combatant EKII so often, that it indeed became an issue in the military and then as a result, the practice was at least followed to a lesser extent. GreyC
    11. Hi, I would second the Red Cross medals. GreyC
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