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  1. Hi ArHo, interesting concept. So he earned it during the war and had to wait for a visible sign of recognition until some other guy died. Up to that point an EKII bearer in waiting... Cheers, JR
  2. Hi, a ery interesting thread. My question as a layman in medal-peculiars: I understand, that there were shortages in EKII during the war. My question is why they didn´t manufacture more after the war, when prorities could be rearranged. Just thrifty? Thanks, GreyC
  3. Hi GBL, that was the opinion of ONE member of Feldgrau Forum, after you posted your query yesterday at 21:01. I personally would never give an expertise on items w regard to their originality from just a photograph. With today´s possibilities a photo is not a solid basis to make such an assesment in many cases. GreyC
  4. Great stuff! Unfortunately the photo-studio, which was active right up to the 2000s went bust twice after that. I wonder what happened to the photographic archive; must have been fantastic. Best, GreyC
  5. Hi komtur, he had spent a year at the court of the Czar and was promoted an officer there. Source: Wolfgang Brückner (Hrsg.) Historische Fotografie in Unterfranken. Würzburg 1989, p. 169. The Czar was son of the General August von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha (1818–1881) und Clémentine von Orléans (1817–1907), so he was "familiar" with Coburg. Uhlenhuth took the photos of the Czar´s 2nd wedding. GreyC
  6. Very nice photo. I´m not sure, actually, if that badge was officially issued. Reihenbildzüge were few and far between. I know of 9. Their purpose was to help fabricate large maps by a special aerial-photographic technique, that "scanned" the landscape from above photographically. The photographic stripes/rows (=Reihen) were then assembled / combined to form a large scale photographic overview that formed the basis for mapmaking. Hope the description was sufficently clear. I provide an example from my collection. This photo originated with Reihenbildzug 3. Note the stripes that indicate the Reihen (=rows). Souilly is 16km southwest of Verdun. GreyC
  7. Feldflieger just means that his unit was part of the army, not the navy. Both had squadrons that started and landed on solid ground. Most of theses navy units were employed in Flandres. Besides those the navy had sea-plane units and airships, of course. There were a few army airships about, too. During WW1 there was no independent air-force. That came later. GreyC
  8. Hi ArHo, you remember correctly and read the text correct, too. May I add, that Hans Haberstrumpf (the one in the picture) was member of the Bavarian Luftstreitkräfte (no number beneath the winged propeller). So if somebody has an ancestry access, you will be able to find his complete military cv in the Bavarian Stammrollen. GreyC
  9. I don´t think they changed in appearance. Nice ones! GreyC
  10. Sorry, thought the 1st photo was sharper than it actually is. What are you after a validation of your assumption or a photo/drawing of the flap? The standard publication on German field-grey uniforms is Jürgen Kraus "Die feldgraue Uniformierung des deutschen Heeres 1907-1918" vol 1+2. On page 698 it says: 2nd/3rd batteries wore Oldenburger kokarde, the helmet showed an eagle with silver star and Oldenburger crest, flaps showed an "A". I think it showed the flaming granade, and a crown over the "A", too. Two things he omitted, as it was clear from the context of the description in the text. GreyC
  11. Given the facts you present, Bauer seems a very valid possibility. Well done (Dave, too)! GreyC
  12. If you google Otto Borggraefe you´ll find this. In his diary is a photo you might find helpful. GreyC
  13. Hi itßs ? auch or ? auck. I´d go with auch. First letter either G, R maybe B. Most likely Rauch from my point of view. The GM for Generalmajor. GreyC
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