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  1. He is not in the Ehrenrangliste. So he was probably promoted to officer during the war. There was a Lt. d. L. Paul Hocker of Jäger Reg. 14 killed in 1918. He was from Warteshausen Sachsen Gotha-Coburg. Maybe a relative? GreyC
  2. Hi, Cisnadie=Heltau. The photo was also published in "Durch Siebenbürgen und Rumänien" by Albert Reich p 12. The photographer belonged to a press-agency. The photo seems to have been sold/distributed as I know of other copies around. GreyC
  3. Hi, Stabsarzt in a non-military hospital? Interesting. Or did you mean Stationsarzt? GreyC
  4. Addressbook, surely 😉 1868: Hospitalarzt in Ulm. This could be his doctoral dissertation. If so, He was born 1843 Titel: De melituria : dissertatio inauguralis historico-medica / publice defendet auctor Carolus Fischer Verfasser: Fischer, Carl *1843-* Ort/Jahr: Berolini : Lange, 1867 Ort(e): Berlin Sprache/n: Latein Art des Inhalts: Hochschulschrift Umfang: 32 S. ; 8" Hochschulschrift: Berlin, Univ., Diss., 1867 Schlagwörter: *Medizin GreyC
  5. I think it doesn´t really matter. What would CSM´s of a Guard unit do or be responsible for that warrants such a rare award? I wonder if it is somebodies house order or the like? GreyC
  6. Do you have a time frame? My photo is summer 1907 on the day of the Kaiserschießpreis-Competition. And CSM is Etamäßiger Feldwebel? GreyC
  7. So the questions are: is it from a German state or is it from outside Germany? As only Garde soldiers of the rank of Feldwebel are known as yet to have this badge, can we deduce something from this? And if so, what? Could they have been handed out as a reward for representational duties (Garde), eg as part of a Schlosswache or the like? If it is of German origin, could it be a pin handed out by a sovereign of a German state? GreyC
  8. Like this one from my collection: Feldwebel of the 2. Kompanie of the Gardejäger Battailion in the Sommer of 1907. Would be interesting to know if other soldiers below the rank of (etatmäßiger) Feldwebel were eligible for this award. GreyC
  9. Thank you! Find attached a photo with two ships with famous names. On the left EMDEN III passing the Deschimag ship-yard on the river Weser in Bremen at the moment of the launch of the BREMEN IV on 16th August 1928. GreyC
  10. Hi, very nice pieces! When the former captain of the 1st Emden, von Restorff (23rd November 1911 - 24th May 1913), got his training as Seekadett he served under the former 1st officer and now retired Kontre-Admiral Sarnow on SMS Deutschland. I can offer a handwritten birthday-card from von Restorff to Sarnow on the occassion of the latter´s 80th birthday in 1930, on which he recalls "the good old days" together with another Seekadett by the name of Behncke, who also signed the card. In 1930 v. Restorff was himself a retired Kontre-Admiral. GreyC
  11. Hi Nickstrenk, thank you for the specification mobile artillery @ Bayern: Thank you, for pointing out the number and the other details. GreyC
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