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  1. You can check yourself here: http://digital.wlb-stuttgart.de/sammlungen/sammlungsliste/werksansicht/?no_cache=1&tx_dlf[id]=13560&tx_dlf =1 GreyC
  2. Hi Andreas, maybe you find out more here: HStAD Bestand N 1 in Nr. 113 Identifikation (Fallakte) Laufzeit 1933-1945 Aktenart Stammbuch der NSDAP Angaben zur Person Personenname Waldschmidt, Friedrich Geburtsdatum 1873-11-03 Geburtsort Raboldshausen Wohnort Zeppelinheim Beruf Revierförster Biografische Angaben Eintritt in die Partei: 1.3.1933 1.11.1938: Personalamtsleiter 1.11.1940: Ortsgruppenleiter i.V.
  3. There it doesn´t say either. It states: "An einer im Felde zugezogenen Krankheit" "died from illness contracted in the field." Have you checked the regimental history? GreyC
  4. Hi, on official flags of the German Empire right thru to the BRD the eagle looks to the other side. GreyC
  5. Hi Laurentius and all, it´s the badge of Bremens oldest sailing club. Best, GreyC https://www.segelvereinweser.de/
  6. Thanks Peter! For me it is only important to know rhat it is American and not British. GreyC
  7. Thank you Gordon, much appreciated! GreyC
  8. Hello all! Could anybody of you tell me where this uniform belongs to GB? USA? and who would wear it? Is it police? Thanks a lot! GreyC
  9. Hi, Reinhardt is not rare as surname in Germany. Transfers from infantry to navy are. But not impossible. GreyC
  10. Hi, the first name is General Boehn (inspecting the Res. Jäger Bataillon), the Generalleutnant´s name below is Wilhelmi. Best,, GreyC
  11. Those signatures are always difficult to decipher. Had I not consulted the Kommandantenliste, I wouldn´t have come up with that name. If you know the name, the comparison is easier. GreyC
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