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  1. Nice one. Here is a colleague of the above, taken by the same studio in 1863: https://www.kuvakokoelmat.fi/pictures/view/HK19450220_1 GreyC
  2. MK=Militärkraftwagen Abbreviation for those military vehicles used within the confines of the Reich. GreyC
  3. Hi, Walther Schnieber got his PlM, as stated above, for the capture of Mount Matajur in Oct. 1917. However, it seems he didn´t really do what he was credited for. Instead it was Erwin Rommel, later GFM in WW2. He was so p*** off about the situation, that he wrote a complaint, supported by his battailon commander. The complaint was acknowledged and he was later awarded the PlM as well. GreyC Es betraf seine Leistungen in der Schlacht und somit auch die Deutungshoheit über die Ereignisse. Durch Falschinformationen war den höheren Kommandobehörden gemeldet worden, die Abteilun
  4. Hi, I don´t think that a Red Cross medal was worn in front of the St. Stanislaus. What does make sense, though, is that the least "valuable" Prussian decoration was worn before the ones awarded from other states/countries. GreyC
  5. You can check yourself here: http://digital.wlb-stuttgart.de/sammlungen/sammlungsliste/werksansicht/?no_cache=1&tx_dlf[id]=13560&tx_dlf =1 GreyC
  6. Hi Andreas, maybe you find out more here: HStAD Bestand N 1 in Nr. 113 Identifikation (Fallakte) Laufzeit 1933-1945 Aktenart Stammbuch der NSDAP Angaben zur Person Personenname Waldschmidt, Friedrich Geburtsdatum 1873-11-03 Geburtsort Raboldshausen Wohnort Zeppelinheim Beruf Revierförster Biografische Angaben Eintritt in die Partei: 1.3.1933 1.11.1938: Personalamtsleiter 1.11.1940: Ortsgruppenleiter i.V.
  7. There it doesn´t say either. It states: "An einer im Felde zugezogenen Krankheit" "died from illness contracted in the field." Have you checked the regimental history? GreyC
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