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  1. Hi, Bismarck himself served with the Garde-Jäger and later with 2nd Jäger Btl as Einjähriger. In 1868 he was granted á la suit status with the 7th Kürassier-Regiment and in 1894 he was made Chef des Regiments. At that time he was already promoted (in 1890) to Generaloberst der Kavallerie with character of Generalfeldmarschall. The uniform you show is that of the 7th Kürassiere. GreyC
  2. Hi Deutschritter, He was indeed reactivated as "Inspekteur der 1. Kriegssanitätsinspektion" (Königsberg) during WW1 and he died 15.02.1924. I recommend buying the Ehrenrangliste, as for someone like you asking for a lot of data within this period, you would find many answers in there. Best, GreyC
  3. Maybe he never made it into the Wehrmacht? I know that there are files at the Bundesarchiv for Wehrmachtsoffiziere, I don´t know if officers who served with the Reichswehr only have also been preserved. Maybe worth a try searching there. GreyC
  4. Hi, can´t say anything post 1933, he is not listed in Career Summaries - Luftwaffe Officers 1935 - 1945. The photo seems to have been taken after May 1919, or if he already wears the Adler-Kokarde, after Oct. 1919. He seems to have come from an artillery unit before he joined the Luftstreitkräfte. Maybe he served with a Artillerie-Flieger unit and after the war as Artillerie-Offizier. Best, GreyC
  5. Thanks for the link. He seems to have had quite a career. There is an early aviation magazin for Germany online on the internet with search function. Maybe it´s worth a try looking for traces of him there. If i remember the name of the magazine, I´ll post it. Luftstreitkräfte is not really up my alley. GreyC
  6. As you noted he was a Beobachter with the German Luftstreitkräfte in WW1 As an academic (Dr. med since 1898) he was no stranger to scientific research. You stated that he was not only a Dr. med, but also a Dr. phil. Now if it is of interest, he combined his service in the Luftstreitkräfte as Beobachter with his scientific curiosity and was promoted to Dr. phil at the University of Münster in 1918 with a study about „Untersuchungen über geistige Leistungen beim Aufenthalt in verdünnter Luft“ “Study on intellectual capacities while being exposed to thin air", thus profiting from his experiences in WW1.
  7. Hi, probably already known: the later GFM Günther von Kluge (* 30. Oktober 1882 in Posen; † 19. August 1944 bei Verdun) GreyC
  8. Hi, there were "schnelle Abteilungen" as bicycle units and then there were those Panzerjäger ones. On may 1st 1943 the "schnelle Abteilung" you mentioned was named Panzerjäger-Abteilung 387 (again). GreyC
  9. Hi, might be a Freikorps decoration. Without crown and skull it would resemble the Deutschritter Kreuz award given out by the Detachment Randow https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Detachement_von_Randow
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