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  1. He didn´t commit suicide. It was Adolf Friedrich VI. He was said to suffer from depression, ultimately the cause was never established, though. GreyC
  2. Hi, not sure if of interest and if Müldner is on them. But I do recognize the crownprince 😉 GreyC
  3. Hi, no problem, it´s a pleasure. I think gold is appropriate, but I don´t know for sure. GreyC
  4. Hi, it´s a bit more complex than that. Several Prussian kings had "Gendenkzeichen für das militärische Gefolge des kKönigs". WI, WII were only two of them. WI had a "W" WR II a "WR". All princes of WII were elligible as well as Generaladjutanten and Generale a la suite and, as mentioned, Flügeladjutanten of the Kaiser. Alle three Abzeichen differed only in the choice of material, not in form. The Gedenkzeichen für Generaladjutanten was made from gold or gold plated silver, the one for Flügeladjutanten made of bronze and then silverplated. The bronze badge for Generale a la suite of the Kaiser had the royal chiffre and crown goldplated, the oakleaves silverplated. GreyC
  5. Yes that is the Hohenzollernkrone, which is totally different from the crown on the lapel. I thought you meant the crown on the lapel? GreyC
  6. It´s the Kaiserkrone from the looks of it. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germania_(Briefmarke) GreyC
  7. He is not in the Ehrenrangliste. So he was probably promoted to officer during the war. There was a Lt. d. L. Paul Hocker of Jäger Reg. 14 killed in 1918. He was from Warteshausen Sachsen Gotha-Coburg. Maybe a relative? GreyC
  8. Hi, Cisnadie=Heltau. The photo was also published in "Durch Siebenbürgen und Rumänien" by Albert Reich p 12. The photographer belonged to a press-agency. The photo seems to have been sold/distributed as I know of other copies around. GreyC
  9. Hi, Stabsarzt in a non-military hospital? Interesting. Or did you mean Stationsarzt? GreyC
  10. Addressbook, surely 😉 1868: Hospitalarzt in Ulm. This could be his doctoral dissertation. If so, He was born 1843 Titel: De melituria : dissertatio inauguralis historico-medica / publice defendet auctor Carolus Fischer Verfasser: Fischer, Carl *1843-* Ort/Jahr: Berolini : Lange, 1867 Ort(e): Berlin Sprache/n: Latein Art des Inhalts: Hochschulschrift Umfang: 32 S. ; 8" Hochschulschrift: Berlin, Univ., Diss., 1867 Schlagwörter: *Medizin GreyC
  11. I think it doesn´t really matter. What would CSM´s of a Guard unit do or be responsible for that warrants such a rare award? I wonder if it is somebodies house order or the like? GreyC
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