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  1. I wouldn´t have thought of it as well, but a friend pointed the way. GreyC
  2. Hi, far from it, i am afraid. Uniform of Bavarian Landespolizei of which he was their Oberpfarrer Dr. phil. Josef Schneider (*10.1.93 München, + 21.4.52 München) Volontary Militärkrankenwärter, Priesterweihe 22.7.17, Lazarettgeistlicher bei der bayer. 6.Ldw.Div. EKII, EKI, MVO4 m. Krone u. Schwertern, preuß Rot-Kreuz-Medaille und bayer. Verdienstkreuz für freiw. Krankenpflege im Kriege. Thanks for the above data to the Prussian and another colleague. My research: After the war Oberpfarrer der bayrischen Landespolizei, fired by the NSDAP and wrongly (false accusation) convicted for homosexual activities. In prison till 1940. He had held church service for the policemen who died during the Marsch on Feldherrenhalle. That´s why he got fired by the Nazis. Best, GreyC
  3. Have you read my post at all? The studio´s mark is clearly visible in the lower right hand corner. GreyC
  4. The 2nd photo was taken in Hildesheim. Doesn´t have to mean anything, of course. Could be home on leave. GreyC
  5. It´s the helmet of the Garde du Corps. I´d place the production of the statue in the 1890´s. GreyC
  6. They look like stuff you got in return when you gave money during street collections. GreyC
  7. Seems to be a post war photo, as the VWA is "durchbrochen". I only know these as postwar Eigentumsstücke, but may well be corrected by more knowledgeable folks. GreyC
  8. Hi, I am a layman in medal related topics. So excuse me, if the answer to my question is obvious to most.Is there a protocol that details what foreign medals were worn in what order (here: Finish in front of Saxon)? Thank you! GreyC
  9. Your suggestion is right. It says Society of Fieldartillery Veterans of Pfronten and surroundings. Pfronten is in Bavaria near Tyrol. GreyC
  10. Hi Nicolas, this might seem silly, but could the name be that of the photographer instead of the one poirtrayed? GreyC
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