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    I am new to the club.

    I am putting together a display for a RN LSGC medal to a Royal Marine who was killed at Gallipoli.  

    He was attached to the RND Portsmouth.

    What would the correct cap and collar devices be?  Would there be shoulder insignia, RM or RMLI metal tabs?

    I have researched, but am confused with all the variants I see. 

    Any help would be appreciated.




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    Welcome to the GMIC!

    I tried to respond yesterday but my laptop was sulkng and wouldn't let me.  Here is a series of posts on this topic [generally] from an erlier discusson.  Perhaps the photos are helpful: https://gmic.co.uk/topic/37275-the-royal-marines/?page=2

    As to Gallipoli, my not very expert guess is that the Jollies there may have worn no collar insignia, as the few non-Autrsalian photos I've seen suggest that most of the Imperial troops were in 'stripped' unifoirms, either because it was early enough in the war that such luxuries as collar and shoulders hadn't been issued in large numbers, or for the same reasons we don't wear insignia on today's battlefields.  But that, as i say, is merely speculation.

    I hope someone else can provide a more definitive answer for you.


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